Inception remade as a 60-second Victorian woodcut animation

This Gilliamesque 60-second adaptation of Inception uses delightful Victorian woodcuts to tell the story. It was an entry in a Jameson's whisky competition by Wolfgang Matzl.

Inception - Done in 60 seconds (via Super Punch)


    1. It made more sense here than when I watched it in the small hours, courtesy of US Airways.

      (It helps if you press this at appropriate intervals.)

      It does, thank you.

  1. I’m having a hard time getting the website to run smoothly at work so I can’t check if the creator says otherwise, but the images (based on dress and hair styles) look more Edwardian than Victorian.

    Also, I don’t get sound, but the video itself is really neat. Love the idea.

  2. Really excellent.

    It should be included as a special feature in an upcoming special edition blu-ray of Inception
    To The Artist: PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!

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