Japan: video of tsunami flowing into city

[Video Link] from NHK (via Good).


  1. It’s too much to hope for, I guess, that all those cars are unoccupied.

    I’m just a dork who can be safely ignored, but I tellya, I find it insulting to our basic humanity that such incredible destruction is not the fault of a 300-foot-tall atomic lizard, but simply a bout of geological indigestion. Every year or two, a vast chunk of humankind is obliged to don hipwaders, grab a shovel, and commence a few years of backbreaking reconstruction because Mother Nature decided we’d been too comfortable for too long.

    As if our own self-inflicted wars weren’t messy enough.

    1. Think microcosmically as well: all of the tiny beasties, florae and faunae, that kill off millions due to unsanitary conditions, lack of clean water, etc. A million Lisbon Earthquakes daily in the bodies of the poor and dispossessed. . . . It makes an earthquake or tsunami such as this almost seem like a recognition of humanity’s (admittedly tiny) place in the universe.

      Sad today. :(

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  3. Can someone explain?

    I don’t really understand how that video demonstrates a river reversing its direction. Thanks.

    1. I’m not familiar with the area, but I’ll hazard a guess. If the bridge normally spans a river, then the river will normally flow toward the sea. The tsunami shoves sizable boats up against the bridge. Since the tsunami is flowing from the ocean end of the river (its mouth, the downstream end), we can infer that the downstream mouth of the river is to the left. Unless it’s one of those weird rivers that normally drains oceans uphill into the mountains. ;^)

      Of course, as far as I know, the bridge could be nothing more than an overpass atop a parking lot or freeway interchange, in which case never mind.

    2. Ex skipper here.

      When boats are anchored they sit behind the anchor relative to the flow of water. Watching the video you can see the boats all have their anchors to the right hand side of the screen, thus the water flow is to the left, until the tsunami comes from the left and pushes the water backwards to the right.

      You can see a couple of the boats being pulled down at the front by their anchors before they break free and get carried to the right , which was up stream and is now down stream

  4. i see that TBS, which i take to be the Tokyo Broadcast System, is also posting frequent updates and videos of this awful disaster:

    …all in Japanese, which i have little knowledge of…. but the pictures are still worth a thousand sad words.

  5. This clip ran on my local news in a slightly expanded edit– That’s not a bridge, but an elevated highway, because at some point prior to where this clip picks up, there were cars driving under it.

    1. In which case it would probably be a harbour that was on the out/ebb tide and then the tsunami pushed the water back in and then flooded over the harbour wall onto the road

  6. Just to add, whether it was a harbour or river the flow was definitely reversed by the tsunami from left to right so the title basically correct either way.

  7. Just to add to my earlier anon posts, whether it was a harbour, river or what the flow was definitely reversed by the tsunami from left to right so the title is basically correct either way.

  8. Looks like the boats are facing the opposite direction they’re heading which might suggest they’re being pushed backwards.

    Unless they’ve spun around….

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