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  1. This is to do with the quake right? Is it supposed to be a drop of blood or something? I don’t get it :(

    1. I’m willing to bet money that it’s supposed to be a tear. I’d call it “pretentious emo”, if not for the fact that it is probably a heartfelt sentiment.

      Even if one considers its kitschy, one can appreciate the thought.

  2. I rather assumed that it was a call to donate blood. Something which is likely to be in great demand.

    1. Me too. I read it as a graphical expression of grief. It reminds me of the New Yorker’s cover image for 9/11.

      Artists aren’t always being snide assholes. They have honest feelings as well.

  3. I don´t get people who don´t get this. It´s very graphic. My sympathy and heart with japan.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  4. Perhaps it was done with the right intentions, but I think it’s actually a little offensive. After the imagery of blood and water, both of which Japan is suffering through right now, the teardrop is probably the third thing I think about, and quite frankly I don’t think crying is going to do much good. Overall it’s trying too hard to be iconic in some way, which suggests to me it’s more about someone feeling like they’re being clever than actually being sympathetic with the Japanese right now.

  5. I think it was graphically well done. Don´t find it pretentious neither offensive. Personally i find this discussion quite more offensive and pretentious than everything else. Maybe even me answering this, is quite vacuum and pretentious.

    All my heart and sympathy with Japan.
    To Akio, Fernando & all the loving people i know from (or who are living in this wonderful) this country.

    Hugs from Argentina.!

  6. So what the hell do you guys want to see, the rising sun morphed into a wrecked building?

    It’s a teardrop, because something very sad happened.

    Or perhaps it’s a blood drop as a call for blood drives, because people are bleeding to death.

    How about we cut out the art school interpretations and use the spare time we gain to donate some money?

    1. Donate money to an earthquake ravaged island? Sure will!

      I will gladly send another $10 to Haiti, the hellhole third world country in my backyard that just does not have its act together. I cannot imagine that texting ##### to give more money to the nation that manufactured the phone I would text with, is… useful. They’re more than capable of making in profit for their collective goods and services what they collectively need. Haiti is not.

      I’m not trying to be cold or mean to Japan. I am trying to be very respectful of a very capable people.

  7. I am very concerned about the situation in Japan. Though I do not have the the finances to make much of a difference, I would be more than willing to take in a small family during this time of trial. I’m 56 years old, a widower, live north of Denver, Colorado. My life style is very modest.
    Please e-mail me. Let me know your situation. I’ll try to get back to you.
    Ken L. Russell

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