Kids' science fiction writing workshop raises money with flash fiction

Sarah sez, "Alpha is is a ten-day workshop in Pittsburgh, PA, for speculative fiction writers aged 14-19. Even though the workshop keeps tuition costs as low as possible, some students still need financial aid in order to attend. As alumni of the workshop, we don't want anyone to miss out on something this amazing, so now we're raising money to help support Alpha's scholarship fund. Donate $5 or more, and we'll send you one of several pieces of flash fiction written and illustrated by Alpha graduates. Donate $25 or more, and you'll receive the entire anthology. Plus, you'll be helping a young writer have a fantastic experience."

2011 Fundraiser (Thanks, Sarah!)


  1. This isn’t really ‘kids’. Alpha writers tend to be very talented, and many of them place in the fairly selective Dell Magazines Award (which Cory Doctorow participated in) immediately after attending the workshop.

    I myself have placed higher in the Dell Awards than Cory did. Take that, Doctorow! (Maybe I can get some NYT bestsellers too..)

  2. At first, I read the headline as:

    “Kids’ science fiction writing workshop raises money with slash fiction”

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