Live, real-time English audio translation of Japan TV streams

YokosoNews has been offering live, real-time English translation of NHK other Japanese-language networks on his Ustream channel. I'm listening to him as I watch NHK TV on my cable provider (Time Warner, Comcast, and others are offering the normally "premium" Japanese television network for free right now, in the wake of the disaster.)


  1. They have just this minute gone off to bed after broadcasting for 14 hours (after doing an 18 hour stint yesterday).

  2. @Xeni – The SAP function on the TV may provide a built-in translation (at least it’s supposed to for Comcast).

  3. I am watching your live-cast from New York. Words can not express my impression of the catastrophe. It is far to great for any words. The world shares Japan’s pain in this terrible time. We pray for the Japanese people and are sending as much help as possible. What you are doing is greatly appreciated, but don’t forget to get some sleep and take care of yourself. Thank you!

  4. Architecture for Humanity seems to be working on translation and info distribution for foreign nationals in Japan and is promoting the Twitter hashtag #honyaquake for the same purpose.

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