Bahrain's royals declare martial law


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  1. macho says:

    The US will not stand for loss of control over any more of its brutal dictatorships.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i still don’t get why the khalifa family chose to ignore the initial wish of the protesters to begin a dialogue about government reforms. they let their troops fire live ammunition on them instead.

    now it’s all about toppling the khalifa monarchy. and foreign troops. and being ready to die for bahrain.

    that the khalifa government is not able to think outside of their strongly sectarian strategy looks like a battle to me that only non-violent democratic action can win.


  3. Manooshi says:

    Thanks for being silent, Obama!! At least the U.S. has temporarily suspended weapons’ sales to these Middle Eastern ruthless dictator/kings??? Or was that just lipservice like everything else so far? Anglo-American colonialism/imperialism can NO longer hypocritically and brutally sustain itself with today’s Arab youth. Those Anglo-American appointed/created PUPPET autocratic dictators/kings have NEVER had any legitimacy on the Arab street. Wake up and be on the right side of justice, Uncle Sam!

  4. Hans says:

    This is quite a bold move. For at least a generation, the monarchy will be viewed by the people as the government which brought in foreign troops to fight the people themselves. It seems unlikely the monarchy will survive in the long run.

  5. Nadreck says:

    The Arab Brotherhood at each other’s throats: situation normal.

    The Sects in Sectarian would be the Sunni and Shia sects. Think Catholic and Protestant just after the Reformation when massacre and counter-massacre were common. The Sunnis are the more staid, traditional branch and the Shi’ites are the wackier, charismatic sect with a sort of Pentecostal flavour. Although the Sunnis are in the majority worldwide they often end up lording it over local Shia majorities. For example, in pre-American Iraq the 10% of the population that was Sunni basically used the rest as slaves.

    In order that no blame for all this grief be attributed to Muhammad never getting around to writing a will the handy Jews are sometimes blamed via the “True Origins” conspiracy theory ( see and so on).

  6. agger says:

    And look what they’re doing to keep down the protestors:

    Wrote a blog post abt it with a lot of links in English:

    graphic violence graphic violence

    • LeavingHalfway says:

      Dammit, agger, please warn people about your twitpic link, not everyone will appreciate it (including myself), or recover quickly.

      Very graphic, be advised.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please revise this post. I am a Bahraini and I live in Bahrain. I am up to date with all the events since February the 14th up to the second.

    Martial Law has not been declared as stated in your post and many other posts on the internet. Martial Law gives Military governmental authority when civilian government and authorities fail to maintain safety and security in it’s country.

    Bahrain declared a form of State of Emergency, commonly referred to as National Safety for 3 months.

    Please check out Bahrain’s New Agency’s statement on their website here:

    Thank you.

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