1960s music videos

Spike Priggen of Bedazzled has uploaded a bunch of formerly-rare music videos from the 1960s from French TV, including The Who, Marianne Faithfull, The Bee-Gees (pre-disco), and The Four Tops, The Electric Prunes,

Spike says he has many more in the pipeline, including clips of "Nancy Sinatra, Screaming "Lord" Sutch (Live!), The Yardbirds (Live!), The Ikettes (Live!), Paul Jones, Dionne Warwick, and others too numerous to mention."

Bedazzled Blog


  1. It’s sometimes difficult to find fresh vintage Rock music video material on the Internet. You can only stretch YouTube so far. Spike is somewhat of a gap-filler and supplies the web with many unseen clips. This clip of KEITH MOON singing “Barbara Ann” is a classic.

  2. Thanks for using the word “formerly-rare”. Wish that were used more often in cases like this—yes indeed, once a digital work appears on a major internet site it should no longer be called “rare”.

  3. Thanks Mark, I love 60s music even if I didn’t live that time. There was a band called Moby Grape, maybe he has some videos of them, their song 8:05 is one of my favorites. I also love The Beatles, Hendrix, Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Stones, Doors, The Who, The Kinks, The Zombies, Small Faces, etc…

  4. Great stuff. I realize we were all a little errr altered back then, but I distinctly remember the Electric Prunes guitarists all played in the normal fashion with left hand on the fretboard and picking with the right. Somehow in the video, they’ve all turned into Hendrix wannabees. I assume the original footage is film that somehow got reversed in the scan to digital. Wonderful stuff regardless. Thanks.

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