Japan: 13,400 dead or missing 7,400 buildings and homes destroyed.

The Japan news network NHK, quoting government figures, just reported that 13,400 people are believed to be dead or missing after the catastrophic quake and tsunami struck one week ago. As of today, 4,377 deaths are confirmed, and 9,083 people are reported to be missing. 7,400 buildings or houses are believed to be completely destroyed. More than 100,000 buildings or homes are believed to have been damaged.


  1. I get my RSS feeds of you guys through Google Reader. When I saw this posted, someone actually ‘liked’ it.

    Sure, it’s good information, but not the kind of thing you like. I’m just hoping they didn’t like it, like it. Because that would be kinda disturbing.

  2. sorry to overshare…some of my family are dead, funny grandma, with whom I laughed, aunt and uncle living with her. other aunt who’s son in law played baseball with the boys, also gone. the house I lived with family is broken, the ricefields damaged, all evacuated by radiation…nobody is helping THEM, no red cross, certainly no CMAT nor DART…
    if they ever can return, to what? Minamisoma is all gone, 71,000 people lived there, their jobs were there.

    official numbers are what officials feel the people can handle(sure these things are reported as an updating tally) but, man, information is a device sometimes…TEPCO et al?

    1. I am so sorry for your personal loss, and all the major losses suffered by Japan. No need to apologize for your pain.

    2. This isn’t overshare you are reminding us that each one lost is an individual with loved ones left grieving, and as I look around myself at all that is familiar I realise that for some it is lost. You must survive this and so I am full of respect for your courage and wish you strength.

  3. Not buying this number. There was a dam that collapsed resulting in the immediate destruction of 1800 homes, and that is just one instance of utter destruction.

  4. Looking at the devastation and the conditions the survivors are living in compared to my own situation is sobering. I have food, warmth, electricity and water and was only mildly shaken on Friday.

  5. Anon, that was the Fujinuma Dam, an irrigation dam. 8 people swept away, 4 bodies recovered (sez wiki).

  6. We’ve been relatively unscathed in Kansai, but it is absolutely heart-wrenching watching the destruction in the northeast. Given the massive scale of this disaster, I’m surprised everyone is doing as well as they are, volunteers and victims alike.

    Osaka city has pledged 500 free rent-free city run apartments for first-come first-serve applicants from the affected areas.

    We also sent a 600 strong fire brigade the first day. Kyoto has sent a large group of doctors. Everyone is trying so hard and working around the clock to help with relief.

    Forgive my off-topicness, I know I say it in every post, but please, if you decide to give financially be careful of charity fraud! The Red Cross of Japan is an excellent place to start.

  7. I don’t understand why food and blankets still aren’t getting dropped in affected areas and shelters. Why are there people still cold and without food?

    I realize this is a massive area to serve, logistically, but most of the rest of the country is still up and running. It seems like the military bases and carriers should have some supplies as well. I keep giving money to the Red Cross, but I’m not even hearing stories about them helping.

    igzabier – I am so sorry for your losses…

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