Man sets fire to motel room he shared with the devil

A fellow in Lynnwood, Washington torched his motel room because he was trying to protect "the good people" from Satan who apparently was bunking there too. Call me silly, but it seems to me that setting a fire would just make Satan feel even more at home. From HeraldNet:
Hotel officials told police the man had repeatedly called hotel employees the "anti-Christ" and "spawns of Satan."

Hotel management had asked the man to move out the day of the fire.

The man was being held Monday at Snohomish County Jail for investigation of first-degree arson.

"Man tells police he set fire because of Satan" (via Fortean Times)


  1. Being it’s the devil, wasn’t this arson counter-productive, as Satan probably enjoys some really good flames?

  2. Any friend of the Devil is a friend of mine!
    And here’s some devilishly good music that says the same thing:

    So… who’s collecting the funds to bail him out?

  3. burning the place down isn’t totally unreasonable if you actually believe that satan hangs out there – the point wouldn’t be to drive out the devil, but rather to keep people out of his lair.

    just to be clear, I don’t personally actually believes that Satan lives in a second floor motel room.

  4. This person was psychotic.. and he was responding to auditory hallucinations. Where is the fun in all this ?

  5. thank you Harish. While releasing tension via humor in stressful situations can be great I doubt that most of the posters here were using making fun of the mentally ill to relieve any stress.

    1. You have no idea how much stress I’m under, m’Lady. Any release of tension via humor is very much appreciated.

      Spend some of the compassion you have for the mentally ill on the japesters and those of us who enjoy their japes and we’ll all get along, amiright?

  6. According to Dante, Satan sits frozen in ice at Hell’s lowest level. If that’s true, flames would hardly feel like home.

  7. As per MC Lars:

    Satan was my roommate, so junior year was Hell
    He lacked social skills and had a pungent smell
    When your roommate is the devil, it can be extremely whack
    Putting posters on the wall, of Trapt and Nickelback
    Until the break of dawn he’d be mutilating sheep
    “It’s 4 a.m. Satan, can you please go to sleep?”
    I can’t have girls over when the dorm smells like sterno
    When did room 56 become Dante’s inferno? …

  8. I don’t think this guy has a religious problem, more like a mental problem.

    Not sure what country this took place, but where ever it is, it shows a failure of medical health needs for it’s people.

    The guy must have been suffering for a while, why wasn’t this picked up and offered treatment and support? i don’t mind my Tax’s going to help people who can’t help themselves. I would never want to that to happen to a loved one, or the world forbid, myself one day.

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