Adam Wallacavage's tentacled, curious, and creepy chandeliers


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  1. CestusNonGratis says:

    OK. I did not know that Mr Wolfe had such nice things to say about Mr. Doctorow. I actually got around to cracking ‘Someone Comes to Town Someone Leaves Town’ today. I am ashamed. I wear the Donkey Head.

  2. Ambiguity says:

    Like a chandeliers festooned with leaches….

  3. Anonymous says:


    Adam is a good friend of mine. He’s a working-class Philly guy who is an ex-Navy Sea Bee. Any success he’s had is because of his own hard work and imagination.

    I know how hard he works on these chandeliers, and how many hours he puts into them. Anyone who buys them is getting a damn good deal.

  4. CestusNonGratis says:

    I know that no one wants to hear this but since we are all going to die here in SoCal in the next couple of days here goes anyhow…
    These posts are beginning to give me visions of wealthy young up and coming science fiction authors on wine tasting tours of the California coast. Dropping thousands in art glass boutiques while munching on scones from the local ‘must do!’ bakery. Cory Doctorow wearing a shawl gathered about his neck with one hand while he holds hands with Bruce Sterling with the other. They gaze out from the cliffs of San Simeon wondering if their delivery from The Pottery Barn will be on the porch when they get home. Wake up Homos! Fritz Lieber could roll out of bed on a Sunday morning with a hangover and beat you to death with the paralyzed, catatonic body of Philip K. Dick before you could say ‘Fhafard’. And he is dead to boot. Got it.
    If this keeps up I am going to just start emailing you folks images of just random crap with tentacles attached to it. Like: ‘Hey, here’s my ashtray. It has a tentacle on it. Cooool!’ Or maybe just a picture of Cory Doctorow with a tentacle on it?
    So there. I’ve said it. Now you boys straighten the hell up before I have Gene Wolfe come down there and put you through his Pringles slicer.

    • LeSinge says:

      I have almost no idea what you’re talking about, but I think you’re saying BB should stop reporting on expensive items? I don’t look at this as “You should go buy these things” but more like “Look at this cool stuff.” If they have a post about Picasso I’m not thinking, “I can’t afford this!!!”

    • ultranaut says:

      You have incredible visions, perhaps you are a prophet.

  5. James A. Brown says:

    Dude! You are so right. You nailed it. Your first sentence is truth! No one wants to hear this.

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