Propaganda posters from the war on dino-Nazis

Dino D-Day is a forthcoming video game set in an alternate reality where Nazis team up with dinosaurs to fight WWII. The collateral for the game -- propaganda posters, newspapers, newsreels -- is really great and funny-weird/funny-ha-ha.

Steam now taking pre-orders for Dino D-Day (via Super Punch)


  1. There is a haunted house in natural Bridge, VA with a statue park outside of it which explores what would have happened if dinosaurs had fought on the side of the south in the civil war. It is called “Escape from Dinosaur Kingdom.” There are lots of dinosaurs dismembering union soldiers. They actually try and play it like the union found the dinosaurs and in their northernly-aggressive manner were trying to use the dinos against the south when the dinosaurs went berserk on the union…

  2. Without being able to see the dino’s back legs, and the front claws up in the Mr. Burn’s position (‘Excellent!’), it looks like that top heavy beastie should just fall over on its…lips?

  3. This is clearly fiction. Everyone knows that dinosaurs would have been on the side of the Allies.

    1. Yeah. The soldier looks like it was done either with a human CGI model with really limited hand positions, a 12″ GI Joe or a 3″ plastic army man as a model. It’s a dynamic pose, but not a realistic firing position.

      The Deinonychuses have feathers, though, which is cool.

      1. Well, seeing as how this is art from a video game, presumably it -is- a low-poly CGI model with limited hand positions. They probably used the in-game assets and/or engine to pose the posters. Perfectly acceptable, IMO. A super high-poly model might look better on boing-boing, but in-game it would clash.

  4. Nazis get to hang with dinosaurs, they get to live on the Moon (“Iron Sky”)… is there some cultural reason why entities we’ve decided are villains get to do some of the coolest stuff we dreamed about as kids? And is it related to why we have Disney movies about pirates?

  5. Typographical error in the Allied poster. Single quote in ” ’em ” is facing the wrong way. Makes it obvious it was typed into a computer, not hand-drawn or typeset.

  6. Nazis vs Dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs vs Cowboys
    Cowboys vs Nazis
    Nazis vs Aliens
    Cowboys vs Vampires
    Vampires vs Cowboy Nazis….

    Every one a winner!

    But seriously, I came up with idea five years ago. Where’s my money?

  7. Am I the only one here who is annoyed about the wrong German in these posters? I wish they had a native speaker look over it… It’s full of spelling and tense errors… says Grammar Nazi

  8. This reminds me of the comic book series, The War That Time Forgot. I think it was put out by the guys who did The Haunted Tank. TWTTF was set in the Pacific during WWII and generally involved GIs, some circus performers in civilian life, going up against dinosaurs, sea beasts and giant robots. It didn’t develop as well as The Haunted Tank, but it had some great and clever adventures.

  9. I would like to point out that this game falsely advertised a single player campaign and co-op, neither of which are in the released product. Anyone who pre-ordered expecting those aspects of the game are going to be very disappointed.

    I will never purchase another product from this company.

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