Super Mario as a first-person shooter

The Facerocker people animated this insane short film illustrating what Super Mario would look like if it were a first-person shooter.

First Person Mario (via Super Punch)


  1. “Acid Trip” when Mario took the mushroom, Good One.
    Great animation here, I lost the number of times I played this game when I was 7-8 years old. I still play it on Wii (the original version of Super Mario Bros).

  2. This is a lot more playable than my attempts to render from Mario’s perspective in a 2D world. The infinitely thin line was a bit of a problem for modern computer displays.

  3. A good venture into the third dimension, the achievements were a nice touch! There is a bit of that style in Super Paper Mario, where you flip the world from 2-D to 3-D, but there’s no first person view. I quite like these perspective mechanics and he new Fez trailer is cute too.

  4. There’s a little quirk as to perspective when Mario is jumping. Does he look up first? Does he look down before landing? Should he look straight ahead while jumping? In the video here, different approaches are used as to where Mario is looking when jumping. This reminds me of when I played Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple IIe (on a monochrome monitor), and then playing the sequels as FPS. It makes one wonder what the next giant step will be.

  5. Neat, but not exactly new. I remember playing Mario-themed mods for the original Half-Life, years ago.

  6. Doesn’t this just really showcase why a side scroller would such in 3d? If you didn’t know there was a goomba on the platform above you, you would have no idea to jump and hit it (or even when to jump for that matter.)

    It looks good, but I don’t think something like it would be playable.

  7. Google does such a terrible job with YouTube ads. I’ve played this otherwise great video twice, and both times I’ve gotten an empty ad box right in the middle, lower part of the screen, which is exactly the part you want to see. There is a close box to the ad, but it doesn’t close the box it takes you to a new web page for that ad (and since the ad is blank who know what it is until you try to close it). This happens a lot. Their system is horribly broken and they don’t appear to care. I don’t mind ads, the server space and electrical bill have to be paid for YouTube, but don’t place the ad where I’m trying to see and don’t make the ad empty and don’t make the close box not work. I am guessing that hi-production cost television shows usually center the action in the middle of the screen, where a bottom-screen ad won’t block it, but with a lot of user-made content this is simply not so, often the important stuff (or some of it) is below the middle and these ads are in the way.

  8. Finally. Concrete proof Mirror’s Edge is a terrible game.

    Also, I would simply use the side scrolling screen in the top left the entire game.

  9. Ha but they forgot to implement the glitch where touching the pole while invincible will reset the music:

    1. It’s not though is it. It’s just evidence that a 2D game doesn’t convert well to a 3D game.

      Trying playing Red Dead Redemption as a 2D scroller and tell me it’s better.

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