Gadaffi moves on Benghazi: appeal to stop "exterminating civilians"

Al Jazeera reports that rebels in Free Benghazi are coming heavy fire from Gadaffi's military and its mercenaries: "The international community is late in intervening to save civilians from Gaddafi's forces. Today in Benghazi there will be a catastrophe if the international community does not implement the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council. We appeal to the international community, to the all the free world, to stop this tyranny from exterminating civilians."


  1. From the article:

    “We only have light arms – Gaddafi seems to have new and powerful weapons.”

    And guess who sold Gaddafi those weapons? That’s right: we (US) did.

    I don’t know how we think an export economy based upon weaponry will result in peace and freedom. People buy weapons to use them.

    I suppose this way the weapons manufacturers win yet again, as we have to use even bigger weapons to take out the weapons we sold. Hurrah! What a cycle! Then we can sell the revolutionaries a whole new set of weapons!

  2. Cory, I respect your ability to find the time to write and post these articles but lately some of your postings are in need of proofing:

    Al Jazeera reports that rebels in Free Benghazi are (under? or coming under?)heavy fire from Gadaffi’s military and its mercenaries:……

  3. Both CNN and the BBC are reporting that French fighter jets are already flying reconnaissance patrols over Libya. The UN intervention has begun.

  4. the libyan army has for the most part outdated soviet stuff. if it’s modern it’s from us (europe). do your homework before bashing your own country.

    1. Okay – You’re right. *Most* (but not all) of the sales were curtailed before we sold them too much.

      We did sell them hardware for their aircraft, which we now have to restrict under the no fly zone.

      And the general theme of exporting death is reason enough to bash the military industrial complex in our country. It doesn’t jive with the promotion of freedom. Note the sales to Bahrain and Egypt pointed out in that same article.

      And on the subject of fact checking: It looks like Russia was indeed selling current weaponry to Libya.

  5. And for a colorful note: Italy is supposed to be “Europe’s natural aircraft carrier” for military missions bound for northern Africa… but it won’t cooperate with the UN forces until Monday. The whole story is being followed hour by hour by the online daily paper

    Why? It’s very simple (in an Italian way): Monday PM Berlusconi was supposed to stand trial for corruption in the so-called “Mills trial”. Having to hold a war meeting will allow B. to skip trial, so it will go into prescription and voided. Scot free once again! (the 16th in his legislatures)

    (This trial is another anomaly: mr. Mills, the corrupted, has already been found guilty of receiving huge bribes and condemned. Not so for B., thanks to a special law tailor-made to protect him. So this is the only case of corruption in history where there is a corrupted but not a corruptor.)

  6. Libyan Army Equipment

    Most of the tanks and other AFVs are old (1970s and earlier) Russian stock, with the exception of a Brazilian and a Czechoslovakian APC. Same goes for artillery, surface to surface missiles / launchers, surface to air missiles/launchers (with the exception of the 1970s era French Crotale, and AAA (with the exception of some WWII-era Swedish Bofors).

    Small arms are the same, with the exception of the modern Belgian-made FN-P90 and FN F2000.

    Libyan Air Force Equipment

    Apart from a few French Mirage F1s (apparently mostly “disappeared”), and a handful of transport/training aircraft, the air force is primarily 1970s era or earlier Soviet technology (MiG 21, MiG 23, Su-22, Su-24).

    Libyan Naval Equipment
    Same story – dated ex-Soviet tech.

    Of course, all the Wikipedia references may be a little out of date. Since 2004, the Europeans, Russians and the Americans (non-lethal equipment only) have all had arms deals with Libya…

  7. More to the point, though, according to the Al Jazeera feed in the post, the French have started bombing loyalist tanks.

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