[IMPORTANT UPDATE: this meme is 1) more than a year old, and 2) it is called FUD and 3) duh, it's from 4chan.]

Here is a chart of FUD. Click for the whole thing. There's rather a lot of it. (via Chuck Anderson)


    1. I agree with Jimmy Joe and Lobster: “Nigfop”. What are they even trying to say? “Fingers”???? I have no clue. I will be the first to flat out say That’s Racist.

  1. i read it like those foster’s australian beer commercials.
    “bagina. fosters, it’s awstralian fuh beeeah”

  2. ‘Asparagus’ is actually ‘asperge’ in Dutch. I’ve always said that it’s a mighty LOL language though.

  3. It was a thing of beauty and brought tears of laughter to my eyes.

    @Nuciphal: Dutch is like English but with extra vowels! When the Netherlands were a major sea power 400 years ago, they stripped the Balkans clean of vowels. And they still have plenty left.

  4. I was a teacher in the primary grades and this was so cute and funny it brought tears to my eyes. I love it!

  5. Okay, get ready…

    1) Freeze your head

    2) Wake up a hundred years from now

    3) This is the language

  6. “Please touch your …PRODOUGSHE… to purchase… … …Thank you! Please move your …GLRMBRXGLE… to the belt”

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