Pakistani Actress Veena Malik schools a mullah about Islam

[Video Link] Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress who appeared on the very popular Indian TV show Bigg Boss (the Indian version of Big Brother). In the clip above, a mullah tells her she brought shame on Pakistan with her behavior on the show, and that 100% of Pakistanis agree with him. The mullah also admits he didn't watch the show himself, but knows all of this to be true.

Veena responds by pretty much mopping up the floor with him. She points out out how her religion backs up her actions, where he's in violation of the same rules he's taking her to task for. She also says if he wishes to defend Islam, there are countless targets more deserving of close inspection, but here he is instead wasting his time complaining about an actress.

It's fantastic. The world needs to see more of this. Go Veena!

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    1. Absolutely woderful video. Well done Veena Malik. You are beautiful, articulate and confident! Pakistan needs women like you.

      Go for President!

  1. She gets my vote. A more dangerous and effective weapon against the extremists than all the Apache helicopters and ‘smart’ bombs.

    1. I agree she’s great, but…

      A more dangerous and effective weapon against the extremists than all the Apache helicopters and ‘smart’ bombs.

      You really think this will be effective in getting the mullah/extremists to change his mind? I don’t think reason works with extremists. Unfortunately, nothing really does, far as I can tell, words or bombs.

      If we could reason people out of hatred, I think the world would be a different place.

      1. It doesn’t have to change the minds of the extremists so long as it keeps moderates from falling under the sway of the extremists, and limits their reach and influence.

      2. I don’t think her rant will have any impact on the beliefs of the mullahs or the extremists in any way; that is not possible, nor should we expect it to be. However, I do think she could change the minds of the youth and the moderates, or even just light a spark in the like-minded to stop cowering before the intolerance and bigotry of the institution of religion.

        More importantly, we don’t need to change their minds, they will be dead soon. It is the children we need to protect from indoctrination into harmful beliefs by following in Ms. Malik’s example.

  2. Brave, brave woman. Speaking out against a leader like that could very well endanger her life. Hearing her deflect the scandal nonsense and refocus on the issues within the religious and political institutions of Pakistan was wonderfully apt.

    Sorta reminds me of how religions here can harangue against culture or political issues, when there are more serious, humanist issues that are well within their power to improve.

  3. Whevever I hand someone their ass I too often wind up with ass all over me.

    She manages to do it without getting a bit on her. Brava!

  4. thanks for this. she very clearly is awesome, and also, i’ve now realized that i hate “shouting head” type TV programming in any language.

  5. She’s so incredibly brave for speaking out like that and not backing down. What an amazing clip of an amazing woman.

  6. Serious question:

    Why does she say some things in English? Like, “charity begins at home,” and, “I am just an entertainer.” I’m so confused.

    1. Anon asks: “Why does she say some things in English? Like, ‘charity begins at home,’ and, ‘I am just an entertainer.'”

      It’s common to to hear people switch to/from English this way in South Asia, where English is widely spoken. Happens in daily conversation, in TV news broadcasts, in movie scenes etc etc.

    2. there is nothing to be confused,it is not the language she uses that mater, but what she is focusing,and dont forget English is the second language in that part of Asia.
      She is talking about a hipocrasy,and about not speakig bad about others,is like eating a human meat, even if you witness it,but we are misusing Islam acording to our convenience,
      And because of these and others we are a lost Nation.
      May Allah guide us all, and protect Veena Malik,from bad people.

    3. you will find that most languages use a mix of english in them, Hindi tamil urudu bengali so on. it is the result (positive) of internet, movies so on where some ideas/thoughts are better communicated with phrases/idioms etc of another language (quite often in english).
      english also has a lot of words borrowed from other languages like french latin etc – we just don’t realize it.

      as for the video, Well said Veena (as a muslim male) i support all that you say. don’t let these hypcrites hide behind religion do all the dirty stuff and point at those like you to take attention away from themselves.

      keep it up.

  7. Fantastic. Fiery, intelligent, articulate, unbowed – that’s a role-model, regardless of creed or nationality. I’d be proud as hell if my young daughter grew up like that. Adding her to the role-model list right now.

  8. I think it was vice versa (yes, I understand Urdu). The mullah made a number of cogent points, citing the Quran on a number of occasions. Veena Malik’s retort largely boils down to “who the fuck are you to judge me, and how are my actions any of your business?”. Although valid, attempting to pass off her behaviour as “Islamic” was a losing proposition to begin with. Either she hasn’t read the Quran, or she subscribes to a very liberal (read: selective) interpretation of it.

    That said, I unequivocally support Veena Malik in this contrived controversy, and I think Pakistani society (South Asian in general) needs to ditch its typical and tiresome moral indignation at the actions of strangers. Religious conservatism is eating away at their capacity for tolerance, as demonstrated by the disconcertingly widespread support for the assassinations of Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti.

    1. I agree. They’re both right. She’s right in her life decision not to participate in an intolerant religion. He’s right that intolerant religion is in fact intolerant.

      That said, I’m happy that she asserts her cultural background, and I hope she continues to. A secular muslim movement is important to keeping society open and free.

  9. Fantastic. Fiery, intelligent, articulate, unbowed – that’s a role-model, regardless of creed or nationality. I’d be proud as hell if my young daughter grew up like that. Adding her to the role-model list right now.

  10. Got a bit too shouty half way through so had to stop watching. Couple of points though:
    1. She is incredibly brave.
    2. There is no point arguing with religious people or, really, about religious belief – it all boils down to unknowns and you either believe or you don’t; all the sophistry in the world won’t instill faith where there isn’t any or vice versa.

  11. To me, this clip pretty much sums up the stereotype of a Pakistani Muslim cleric — a man yelling inane condemnations at a woman for the sin of being an independent, attractive actress. Who yells over her, then accuses her of being “emotional.”

    Good on her for standing up to him.

    1. Awesome! I wouldn’t stop at muslim clerics; plenty of ignorant fundamentalists in the world who need to get Veenified.

    1. Indeed. Religious zealots and the super-fans of sports teams are ever more alike. They dress in their teams colors when the game isn’t on, dehumanize women and non-believers, and don’t care how their team plays the game as long as it wins. I give a wide berth to both and hope against hope that they’ll snap out of it someday.

  12. Wow. Fair play to her.

    I was very interested about her accusations of clerical sex abuse of kids in Islam in Pakistan, has there been much coverage of this, or is this Ireland waiting to happen all over again?

    1. I think there’s an upper limit on the number of such scandals anyone can deal with. It just wears you out.

      It’s my opinion that all religions that cloister away groups of men are creating a situation where abuses will occur. Not just where they are *likely* to occur; where they *will* occur.

      Over a half-century ago, there was a Catholic compound in southern Alabama near Mobile where priests were on one side of the wall and nuns on the other. My grandfather was a workman when that wall was torn down and rebuilt after storm damage. He was astounded at the number of skeletons of newborns and fetuses they uncovered.

      When I was a boy nearly 4 decades ago, my hometown priest was spirited away by the archdiocese when his dalliances with teen and younger males became too well-known to be ignored.

      Some 20 years ago, my mother was dating a Greek man who, as a small boy during WWII, was sent by his family to live among Orthodox monks in the mountains of Greece. According to him, every one of the boys placed there paid for their safety with their bodies.

      So this actress says that boys in religious schools are abused and she says it in such a way as to imply that such knowledge is common. You observe that we’ve not heard of this before.

      I’m not surprised in the least. I firmly believe that 99% of this crap never comes to light.

  13. Amazing that shouting-head TV is the same the world-over. This could have been Bill O’Reilly shouting over a shouting liberal blogger. Except that O’Reilly would have used the mute button.

  14. Oh when will we get rid of these religions where it’s important that you tell others what to do.

    Spiritual, not religious

  15. Tell it, sister. She’s incredibly brave for doing this on TV in Pakistan. And yes, echoing her arguements, they need to get rid of the double standard yesterday..

  16. “who the fuck are you to judge me, and how are my actions any of your business?” sounds like a perfectly good argument on its own merits, selective take on the Q’ran or no.

    Also, the first person Big Brother contestant I have ever had any genuine admiration for.

  17. I don’t know about this. It’s great to see somebody yell at a bigoted old religious dude. I’m glad she is challenging the restrictions of that oppressive society. But as far as the facts and the question of whether she represented mainstream Pakistani Islamic culture in her entertainment career, the bigoted religious dude is right and she is wrong. She DOES violate religous laws, she DOES dress immodestly, she DOES influence viewers/audiences to question religion. These are all great things for her to do, but I don’t think by any stretch she’s schooling the mullah about Islam.

    1. I reckon you are just as brainwashed as the mullah himself! The Koran says that a woman has to cover her “modesty”. Modesty in itself can be defined as the “regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc.” or “prevent inadvertent exposure of part of the body”. Now personally I did not see Veena naked on that show, neither did she go topless, and she was dressed appropriately for the occasion. Thus she did certainly comply with Muslim law!

      It is people like this mullah who give Islam a bad name world wide, and it is people like you who allow these mullahs to get away with it, but simply lapping up their distorted interpretation of the Koran. Go get real, the woman is doing a great job, she is helping her family and her country and if Pakistan was full of people like her there would never be a conflict in Pakistan, no war, no killing, and the country would be a lot richer economically too!

  18. The courage, the poise, and the erudition she displays here are absolutely amazing. Veena Malik is a true hero.

  19. She did have him on the conduct of clerics, though. I applaud her courage. She stood up to him and she did so with conviction, even though you could tell she was shaken.

  20. Clean up your own house first, indeed. What is the literacy rate in Pakistan, btw?

    He ought to be the one with tears rolling down his cheeks.

    Shoutfest or not, she is to be celebrated for taking zero caca from that ideologue of the Religious Right, a la Pakistan.

    Brava ancore.

  21. This reminds me of Jon Stewart telling the mainstream press, “I don’t have to be held to the same standards as you, I’m a freaking comedy show, you’re the NEWS NETWORKS.”

    Whether or not Veena is breaking Islamic rules or not aside, she is right to point out that not only does she do more good than harm by taking care of her family and by raising money for charity and social organizations, the religious leadership is doing a disservice to their country by getting themselves worked up over an entertainer instead of addressing the true social ills of Pakistani society.

  22. Christians are free to interpret the Bible in different ways, would you argue that someone is not a Christian if they don’t subscribe to the literal version?

    Her argument is that Islam is a vast religion with different interpretations, and that the mullah’s attempt to speak for 100% of the population is ridiculous. She gives examples of charity work, and people who support her in her efforts. And also points out the Hypocrisy in the mullah’s attempt to judge her by his own definition of Islam.

    1 Corinthians 14:34-35
    Let the women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but let them be in subjection, as also saith the law.

    And if they would learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home: for it is shameful for a woman to speak in the church.

    1. > Would you argue that someone is not a Christian if they don’t subscribe to the literal version?


      1. I understand the “logic” behind that.. but it’s extremely common for people to have their own skim vanilla latte version of whatever religion they feel like. Semantic arguments are really annoying to overhear.. please stop.

        1. > … but it’s extremely common for people to have their own skim
          > vanilla latte version of whatever religion they feel like.

          In a discussion about whether a person’s actions were in accord with the rules of a sanctified instruction manual, semantics are crucial. One cannot discard large portions of the Quran – that are in fact quite explicit and leave no room for differences in interpretation – and still call oneself Muslim. The same holds true for Christianity, or any other religion. One of the foundational assumptions of Islam is that the Quran is the inerrant word of God. Consequently, it holds that any innovation in the religion is a sin (although “Islamic scholars” have predictably managed to find many loopholes in that clause).

          It’s about time we stopped pussy-footing around the fact that the Abrahamic religions are misogynistic, repressive and downright barbaric by modern standards. A disturbingly large segment of Pakistani society condones the brutal murdering of “blasphemers”, and their sentiments are intensely fueled by the support of prominent clerics. If any Islamic countries restore their Golden Age, it will be despite the religion, not because of it.

          1. One cannot discard large portions of the Quran – that are in fact quite explicit and leave no room for differences in interpretation – and still call oneself Muslim. The same holds true for Christianity, or any other religion. One of the foundational assumptions of Islam is that the Quran is the inerrant word of God. Consequently, it holds that any innovation in the religion is a sin (although “Islamic scholars” have predictably managed to find many loopholes in that clause).

            Well that’s certainly a convenient view to hold if you only want to argue only with radical extremism. I understand extending your argument to moderates is a lot more fiddly, but it’s probably worth the effort.

            At the moment your argument goes a little something like this:

            You: What you believe is wrong.
            Moderate: No, you misunderstand, I take something different away from these texts than you.
            You: No you don’t. You have to take them completely literally.
            Moderate: But…
            You: There I win.

          2. One cannot discard large portions of the Quran – that are in fact quite explicit and leave no room for differences in interpretation – and still call oneself Muslim. The same holds true for Christianity, or any other religion.

            Um, no.

            Many Christian churches derive their day-to-day rules from a dispensationalist tradition. IOW, whole blocks of the Bible were intended for specific audiences and do not apply to today. Generally Christians don’t wholly reject those parts of the Bible; it’s the good book, after all, and all of it is useful. But modern Christians don’t generally go to great lengths to “follow the law”.

            It’s only a small minority of Christian sects who, for example, keep kosher.

            Note: Yes, I realize some of my comments above are so over-simplified that they approach error. Feel free to read till your head hurts here:

            Personally, I was raised in the middle of that stuff and I no longer have the energy to parse it all out for the sake of a comment on a blog.

          3. “It’s only a small minority of Christian sects who, for example, keep kosher.”
            That’s likely because of the part where God, in a vision, commands Peter to eat the unclean animals. It;s the few kosher christians who subscribe to a nonstandard interpretation of such passages,

          4. One cannot discard large portions of the Quran – that are in fact quite explicit and leave no room for differences in interpretation – and still call oneself Muslim. The same holds true for Christianity, or any other religion.

            As a Jew, we have a rich history of debating the interpretation of the Torah. We went as far as to put a good amount of it in its own book and treat it like law. Every bit of it has been debated thousands of times and will continue to be debated because only children and the dullards interpret the Torah literally.

            The book is supposed to be the word of God for goodness sakes. The idea that all of the ideas conveyed within it are purely on a surface level is ridiculous. Even Dr Seus exists on multiple levels.

        2. I think it’s more than a semantic argument.

          I know a lot of wonderful goodhearted people who call themselves Christian, who regard the Bible as a sound basis for their morality.

          That bothers me.

          Would you be ok with someone who was open-hearted, open-minded, giving, good, and fair to self-identify as “homophobic”? Wouldn’t you rather they’d step away from such a label so as to reveal the nastiness of what that word means and encourage the vilification of those ideas that endorse genuine homophobia?

          That’s how I feel about Christianity. I think what is written in the Bible is at times wonderful and loving, but at other times sexist, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, cruel, small-minded, bullying and nasty. Do I want good people to associate themselves with such ideas? Do you?

  23. @jonw: It’s Veena’s Islam, too.

    I hate that the more orthodox or conservative figure in a religious argument is typically perceived to somehow be more “correct”.

    The Koran has lots of guidance for believers: don’t lie, don’t steal, be modest, be fair, be clean, and so on. It is up to each person to interpret its teachings for themselves, and live according to their understanding, whether they are a cleric or an actress.

    Remember, NONE of them know the mind of God.

  24. Why do I get the feeling that verse was written to silence some annoying female heckler in church who just would not shut up and kept challenging the preacher’s version of events. Then that Epistle was written by Saul the Misogynist.

  25. > Would you argue that someone is not a Christian if they don’t subscribe to the literal version?


    Then that means there is no true Christians because no original version of Word of God exists. Most likely the literal definition of religion is the emotional heart that can be read in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and the rest.

  26. Here’s a tip, Pakistan. An articulate woman who is passionate about social causes and ideals that directly affect the quality of peoples’ lives is a better ambassador for your country than a repressive old guy in a funny hat arguing that what parts of a woman are covered up when she walks out her front door are more important than the health and welfare of your citizens.

  27. ***Veena responds by pretty much mopping up the floor with him.***

    She did a bit more than mop up the floor with him. It sounded much worse in Urdu than it did reading the translation.

    Good for her.

    ***The mullah made a number of cogent points, citing the Quran on a number of occasions.***

    He never cited the Koran. He was only talking BS. Veena cited far more accurate Islam than he did.

    ***Speaking out against a leader like that could very well endanger her life. ***

    1. The guy isn’t a “leader” of any kind. He is not elected and I never seen him before.

    2. No “TV Mulla” has ever been known to be a danger to any kind of life. They are just “TV mullas”. LOL

    ***Here’s a tip, Pakistan. An articulate woman who is passionate about social causes and ideals that directly affect the quality of peoples’ lives is a better ambassador for your country than a repressive old guy in a funny hat ***

    That is why the channel got the mulla and her together. They knew there would be fireworks, with the mulla coming out as a distant second best. Good for ratings.

    1. > He never cited the Koran. He was only talking BS. Veena cited far more accurate Islam than he did.

      Right, he didn’t cite any passages in this clip. IIRC, he did support his claims in another portion of the interview (of which this is an abridged version).

      1. R.D. is correct. I’m with her in spirit, but, contrary to what Mr. Bonner wrote, she doesn’t cite anything specific in Islam defending her actions. He’s a blowhard, and she’s pissed, and the whole clip is mildly entertaining but doesn’t really say anything. Yeah, she’s cool, hooray for her, etc. But I was led to believe some intelligent argument was occurring thanks to the hyperbolic blog post.

        1. As far as ‘intelligent argument’ against extremist, biased dogma, “Who the fuck are you??” is pretty much the only appropriate response. One cannot have an rational debate opposite religious doctrine. The Quran isn’t rational; the Bible isn’t rational; you can’t successfully debate centuries-old poetry and mythology.

          The mullah is an indoctrinated, self-righteous dude enjoying his privileged and respected position. He has zero incentive to rationally ponder on the true meaning/implications of his on anyone’s religion. If he had any inclination towards intelligent discourse, he wouldn’t be having this ridiculous exchange with Ms Malik and she wouldn’t have to point its inanity out to him. His only real power is intimidation, which totally fails if his interlocutor isn’t impressed. THAT’s why Malik’s response matters: It sets an example to people who may feel oppressed and scapegoated by an unyielding, biased doctrine but think they OWE quiet respect to deference to religious talking heads.

          No, you don’t NEED to be able to quote 20 000 verses verbatim from the Quran to stand for fairness and dignity. Malik KNOWS where she stands as a human and within her own beliefs. She may not have launched into a scholarly dissection of Islam, but she taught a lesson in principles and honesty.

  28. To further answer a question above, English is one of the two official languages of Pakistan. Urdu is the other, though by far the largest first language in Pakistan is Punjabi, and the national anthem is in Persian. Interesting place.

  29. 1. Did you see the vein on her right temple flare at 5:30?

    2. She totally ripped the beard a new one, in my eyes.

    3. She is a hero, but I fear a little bit given the
    religious lunacy in her country. (And mine, but she’s
    not in US)

    4. A smart politically aware babe? Inspiring.

    Thanks, I never would have intercepted this.

    but really, the practice of teaching religion to children should be banned like any crime against children

  30. I think the bearded one was right to focus his attention on the issues of strong politically active women galavanting about without being ashamed of their status as females. That’s certainly a greater threat to his brand of Islam than children being raped by their religious teachers.

    She’s a bad example. He heroically attempted to instill shame into her, but she wasn’t receptive, sadly. even his sexist crack about her being emotional didn’t do the trick. A dark day for bearded religious tyrants everywhere.

  31. This exactly what you want to hear, brave people speaking the truth. Its the only way to change public opinion.

  32. She rocks!!!!! I love seeing women stand up to fundamentalist religious men, muslim, christian, or whatever. We all need to stop allowing religion to take away our ability to reason and think critically,and stop tolerating the repression of women and children.

  33. Power to the actress!

    Muffle the Mufti! hahaa… you go girl.

    But truthfully, the softest target is the ignoramus. You should be kinder on them, with your education. But we are all firmly behind you.

  34. Being a conservative and rather orthodox Muslim myself, I can close one eye, squint a little and begin to vaguely see the point the unfortunate cleric was trying to make.

    I can’t say though, that I have much faith in his abilities as a religious leader if his idea of preaching is to get on television and badger an entertainer about her choice of clothing in public. What was the reaction he was expecting? An unreserved apology for her entire way of life and a very public conversion?

    Unfortunately, the orthodox wise people are few and far between. It’s mostly a contest between the “liberal”s and the “radical”s as exemplified by this clip.

    1. “orthodox wise people”

      Congrats on winning the oxymoron of the day trophy!

      Wisdom and orthodoxy are diametrically opposed. Orthodoxy generally means the adherence to accepted religious norms, and more specifically to creeds. So if one is “bound” by what is “accepted” there can be no wisdom. If the definition of wisdom is to make the best use of knowledge, then please I beg you, explain to me how religion and orthodoxy do this?

      As time and history are beginning to show, religion (all religion) is a fool’s errand – flawed upon inception. As the clip here so plainly displays.

  35. That was awesome! Man she is beautiful smart and articulate. What a woman. That douschebag cleric is probably to stupid to know that she just made him look like a really dumb hypocrite. More power to her!

  36. Wow that was really something wasn’t it? That’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. She has real integrity. He looked very poorly in comparison.

    People, especially women, all over the world going “Yes!” as they watch this. The ending was a home run, I thought. She was enraged to the point where most people would have lost their cool, but her brain was so *engaged* and in the moment. Impressive, indeed. Must see TV!

  37. I support Veena Malik on this as anyone should have the right to say whatever they please. However this video is highly edited and I am afraid against the Mullah.

    MENRI is a organization created by a staff of former highly ranked military intelligence officers in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). So it should be view as a highly partisan media distribution channel both in content selection and edition:

    Again, I am with Veena completely here; but most likely the Mullah has been edited here in a highly unfavorable manner. I find that as despicable as the way of many of them manipulate other people’s ideas.

  38. “You really think this will be effective in getting the mullah/extremists to change his mind?”

    Of course no one thinks this. The battle is not between the two of them trying to convince each other, but to win the hearts and minds of the viewer. In that respect, yes, I think she might win over some of the people who hasn’t already closed their mind on the issue.

  39. 1) *crack* PSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH Hear that? That is the sound of a can of whoop ass being opened up.

    2) Has it been addressed why there were a few parts where it was “ditta ditta ditta English phrase ditta ditta”.

    3) Those who want strict, literal interpretations of the Koran or Bible want to just turn their brains off and follow dumbly, blaming their actions on a book. It is like the idiot ‘zero Florance’ laws in school when some kid gets suspended because of an action figure’s rifle found its way into his pocket.

  40. This is just ONE of the many interviews Veena had to endure after the whole fiasco. There is a better one, in which the maulvi actually just STFUs because he gets caught in the “looking at a woman twice” rule :) She has more balls than the sum total of liberal Pakistan combined.

    She’s not going to change an extremists’ mind about things, but she has convinced women that they need to speak up for their rights, and they’ll be commended for it rather than be shunned for it.

  41. This woman is a force of nature. Big ups! And mad respect. Her ability to not only stand up for herself, but to defend herself, her work, Islam, Pakistanis, women and humanists was utterly stunning in what was intended to be a Kangaroo Court.

    I’m not a TV person and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever watch a moment of her show, but I was inspired by her strength. You go on with your bad self, Veena!

    I haven’t read all the comments so undoubtedly someone has answered the question as to why she intersperses English phrases in her arguments: (a) Pakistan was part of British India for a couple of centuries, and (b) she’s using loaner words, ie. intelligentsia is a loaner word in Russian and, obviously, it penetrated the Russian language to an extraordinary extent and with extraordinary jmpact.

    I’m sure the folks who have previously answered that question have provided far more nuanced explanations, that’s just the short and sweet of it.

  42. “A disturbingly large segment of Pakistani society condones the brutal murdering of ‘blasphemers'”

    Thinking back to the yoga teacher story, where the phrase “brutally murdered” was also used: how do you *not* brutally murder someone?

    1. Thinking back to the yoga teacher story, where the phrase “brutally murdered” was also used: how do you *not* brutally murder someone?

      Death by CO poisoning, death by anesthesia. Maybe even death by snu-snu. Yeah, I admit to the deliberate rhetorical flair. It’s highly warranted, given the number of lives that have been ruined in that culture by religious hypocrisy.

      Speaking of rhetoric, it’s fascinating how code-switching and loaner words enrich one’s abilities in rhetoric. For some reason her intermittent phrases in English felt more impactful than their Urdu equivalents.

  43. 1:30, her expression when the cleric “welcomes” her back to Pakistan. Priceless!!

  44. You go, girlfriend. They’re just sexists and they’re just jealous. Not very righteous in any religion.

  45. This is pretty powerful, but when I posted this to my facebook wall (when is Boing Boing going to get on fb so I can properly credit you all?) I got a comment about MEMRI intentionally mistranslating things to promote the idea of global jihad. I did a little research but only came up with this guardian article:

    I’d be interested to know if anyone is able to translate any of this to determine its veracity.

  46. Beautiful smart women have to take so much crap from a world trying to keep them down. Men are so intimidated by a woman like her, they don’t know how to handle it! You can be smart and unattractive, or attractive and dumb, and you’re ok. But beautiful and intelligent all at once? Hurry up and call out the lynch mob! They’re still burning witches at the stake in this way.

    1. That’s a pretty sweeping generalization; it sounds like you’re suggesting all men are intimidated by beautiful and intelligent women. That doesn’t make you much better than the mullah!

  47. Rock the casbah!

    I reckon the Mufti was expecting the Pakistani equivalent of Jade Goody or some other celebrity idiot. I must admit I’m surprised to see a non-crazy person on a Big Brother show.

  48. I am coming from underdeveloped country myself, and I understand it is reasonable for most comments to consider Malik’s response truly courageous, and in the nonconformity zone; something of a religious, even a political message. But I have mixed feelings.

    It’s beyond doubt that Malik is brave, beautiful, articulated and above all, she is right. But, her stance is not that uncommon for the celebrity cultures even in the Muslim countries. In order to entertain, and to be able to earn from it, celebrities struggle with religion and tradition all the time, and all over the world, including the Muslim countries.

    For me, this is less of a stance against religion and tradition, and more a defense of the right to entertain. And that is fine. But it does not bare much more weight than that, seems to me.

    To cite from here:

    “As for Malik’s antics being a blow to Pakistani womanhood, I am sure that blow is not lethal… She represents what the viewers want to see, and is a prime example of ‘what the market wants, our entertainers deliver’.”

    It’s not stupid to cheer something we probably despise otherwise (Big Brother, and the rest of that industry), when it has a clear and articulate voice pro equality. But to believe that this is a grande scheme of changing the world to a better place, and not merely one of the industry’s many facets for its own sole survival, is may be a bit naïve.

  49. ***But to believe that this is a grande scheme of changing the world to a better place, and not merely one of the industry’s many facets for its own sole survival, is may be a bit naïve.***

    It’s a symptom.

    It shows how the lack of respect for mullahs and religious prats in general, has gone down in Pakistan over the years.

    Heck, the main Islamic political party didn’t even bother to run in the last elections… they knew they didn’t have a chance.

    Since Pakistan and it’s troubles with the taliban and such, people with beards are treated with a certain kind of contempt.

    You just saw that contempt in action.

  50. MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute) isn’t an unbiased commentator on Muslims. It was founded by an Israeli connected to the Israeli security establishment, & is famous for mistranslating speeches & TV shows so that Muslims appear as more anti-semitic than they really are.
    Just saying.
    Go, Ms. Malik.

  51. she seems like a very intelligent and articulate woman. very well spoken as well, that mullah didn’t even have a point…i would be embarrassed if i were him !!!

    we need more women like that on this planet and i’m extremely impressed by go girl !!

  52. She’s a true blue shinning star! I’m from Mumbai, India, and I would so love it if Ms Malik decided to settle in India. Every nation in the world – whether it’s India, UK or the US, needs women like Ms Veena Malik. I can’t say for other countries with a different reputation, you know what I mean. I fear for her life in such countries. I wish her best in life always. Hope many influential people in India see this video and offer her everything she may ever need or want. :-) Lots of Love, Vinay.

  53. Maybe the Mullah should stop caring about her and worry about the PR the Muslims like Osama Bin Laden generate.

    Oh wait, she’s a woman. Can’t have a woman speaking her mind in Islam!

  54. Damn! She is so honest what she feel…she just brave to tell the world what she think its right ..brava

  55. Are these Mulla’s Sanyasee’s like the Hindu Sadu’s? A Hindu Sanyasee is one who does not get married, leaves all pleasures in life, lives in a temple or forest, lives simple as an example to all living beings. He has no link with his family and mainly he does not talk bad of others. And much more.

  56. Well done Veena.You are a very brave woman to tell off idiotic clerics like those who distort the good teachings of Islam and the Koran to benefit themselves.There is no religion that is bad-only peoples interpretation of it.You have and will always have my full support.

  57. The old boys school is crumbling and it’s women like Veena that’s working on behalf of this. Pamela Anderson has great respect for Veena and so would likely most of the Canadian women I know, because she exemplifies what we believe in and are able to achieve. Veena, you are welcome here in Canada any time you feel it’s time to leave the oppressive, idiotic, old man’s club you have to deal with there. I for one support you.

  58. wow…..what a COURAGEOUS LADY,…..I admire her very much, God Bless her, and God will always be with people like her, who want to help other people in need, and who has the courage to speak her mind, God loves people like her, and God is ALWAYS WITH THEM….God Bless YOU, VEENA MALIK.

  59. One of the best comments I’ve read. Teaching a child religion -any religion- is tantamount to indoctrinating a child with one’s personal hates.

  60. Cheer Up Veena , well done, you could dare to expose the hypocracy of so called religous leaders. A bold step to bring awareness to the masses of underlying interest of these religious Mullahs/priests.

  61. Veena Malik is a woman of Islamic Substance who can take on the hypocrite Mullahs bent on selective interpretation of religion to demean women. Bravo Lady Veena-Continue with your good work.

  62. Go Woman Go!
    It’s bad that we all just able to express our support here, just online and didn’t or couldn’t do much to help her.
    the Truth she spoke was… it is easy to target/blame a weak person like her, rather than targeting real strong ppl/problems…
    Quick Question: is it true then true islamic male can not see a woman(or her pics/footage) more than one time?

  63. Go Girl Go!
    Get your sisters to join you and reject this bullying and honor
    killing in the name of Islam!

  64. This woman is well focused and put the mad mullah, one track mind in his place…..we need more of them !!! Pakistan could be a better place with these views.

  65. Irrespective of religion or country, we do not teach the value of a human being who is sent to earth for a short time as a gift. And each gift is differently bestowed with its own goodness that we could enjoy benefiting from but we don’t. Al

  66. If only we get 100 Veena in pakistan then we can get the mullahs to shut-up and hide in veils …. Go Veena .. you are a rockstar to the new generation .. and the hope for pakistan



  68. Why is anyone wasting their time on idiots; they will not change. Do you think any of them has the brain to understand logic? They only have old interpretations of an old books that don’t apply. Let the Mullahs open up and make statements and let it be judged worldwide and see if they can get even 10% votes in their favor.

  69. Veena, you should come and live in Sri Lanka. You can be a FULL Muslim and you’d have all the freedom as a human being! We too have religious nutbars here, but they won’t be able to kill for religion. The country and the religion should be two different things. Quran says that everything in the Universe and on this Earth belongs to your god, so what right this religious nutbars have to maim, kill, destroy human lives, which belongs to your god? This guy says that you have brought disgrace to Pakistan and Islam, but then murdering people at a Sufi shrine was not-disgraceful???

  70. It is time that the Islamic hierachy look more introspectively and to become more spiritual rather that fundamentally fanatical in analysinig the way Islam is used in society. The introspection will allow for a ddeper understanding of how religion can and should help alleviate the cocial and economic problems afflicting Muslims and all other peoples. This should give the Clerics and others a large enough agenda to kkep them busy than picking on a individual, all be it , an actress of renown. Allah will be more inclined to listen to the petition to solve the problems of poverty and to guide the Islamic leadership in alleviating this curse than the besmerching the actions and postures of the actress.

  71. Go veena,u have more balls than the mullah, keep up ur passion, don’t listen to weenies

  72. Venaji, I am man, and I wish to say, Love you, I wish I was around you to give you a big hug for sincerely and truly expressing your mind and your heart to this religious thug who can stay in power only by keeping women in Islamic world oppressed, it is high time for women like you to let Mullas and Imams send a strong message that enough is enough,they definitely feel threatened by woman like you.Fundamentalists Mullas prey on illiterates and ignorants to maintain their strong hold on masses, by spreading fear and misinterpreting Quran in their own way to stay in power. Great and very powerful message you expressed, I hope rest of the women regardless of their religion learn from you that women also has same rights as men to survive in this men dominated world.

  73. The big problem with islam and alike that the relegion and its
    sheria laws are barbaric and certainly do not belong in the 21st centuary. As for Pakistan is concerened to start with it should
    have a cecular democratic constitution where islam or any other relegion can play any role. Most of the western countries have cecular constitution and relegion is peoples personal affair. Jinah wanted Pakistan to be a cecular country. It is a shame that
    people like zulfiqar ali bhuto but more so that sob ziaul haq
    permoted mullahism in Pakistan. Miss Malik certainly got this mullah by the short hair. Pakistan needs more such daring people
    to challenge such relegious bigots.

  74. The sad reality is when human distort and abuse the truth of religion that preach goodness and kindness for personal gain.Good on malik to speak up the truth.

  75. Well done Veena. These religious bigots are the same in all religions. They want us to believe that they speak for God. That is a lot of humbug. I watched you on the Bigg Boss show and you were fantastic. In this utube you have ascended fantastic too.

  76. Very well said Veena, the mullah was wrong, in first not watching the show and making comments on something he heard from someone else. He has no right speaking for 100% of the country anyway. You Go girl!! Good on you!! It was time the Bigot was put in his place.

  77. She definitely get my vote. Religion is a matter of choice & religions are created by us, the people. We have NO right to enforce our views on someone else.

  78. Very courageous comments from Veena. Her expressions indicate that she is a genuine person and not a fake as her critics would like us to believe. We need more such persons to take on the religious bigots of the world! We are with you Veena.

  79. Absolutely great. About time, the women who practice Islam speak and stand up for themselves. Shame on the horrible cleric and the host of the show is an idiot.! To actually speak to something he has not even seen is an outrage. Someone get rid of these clerics who poison the minds of our young children before they even have a chance in life, and live the life of a leech. They really do give religion a bad name.

  80. Kudos Veena Malik. You are the spark of the revolution to come, sooner than later. You are the hidden voice of millions of Pakistani’s around the world. Proud of you. God Bless you ! An admirer from Germany.

  81. Veena Malik is so right! Every rightminded person will be with her. Down with such Mullahs and their pursuits of false righteousness.

  82. i am v. proud of ms. malik, who understands religion much better than molvi. as she, rightly, suggested blind Molvis shound be examined. how long this shound be tolerated? Islam is a great religion, if, practiced rightly. we need more Veenas!

  83. Thats called Women power ( Naari shakti ) candid and blasting. She did nt spare any dogs and rightly so.

    Happy to observe that courage is alive in d world !

  84. I was stunned for a few seconds when I watched and heard this video clip which was forwarded to me by a friend. WOW! It is about time aur ladies who are not just artistes but also possess high intellect spoke up honestly and truthfully. Accolades to Veena Malik.

  85. Wah Veena you won the hearts of millions of Indians, forget about shweta and tiwari, finally you won the show at least for person like me, continue the good work veena God be with you.
    B.P. Putran, Saudi arabia.

  86. Brave woman… very very brave..
    Hope her life will not end up the way that of SORAYA Manutchehri of Iran.

  87. Wonderful, Veena, If they hold a vote now after this interview, the whole world would vote for you.

  88. dear veena realy u r very honest and couraged lady…..realy apriciate…..

    because i saw the most of all episode of bigboss wt u told is right….

    maximum politicians are wasting their time like this issues as u told only because of vote bank not in pak in india also….every where curuption curuption curuption,,,,,stright away speaking peoples like u come up plssssssssssss u live a long time with allllll support god blessss u for ur gud things

  89. Well done Veena Malik pakistan does not deserve such a great outstanding well spoken actress. Any female that has a voice or say is instantly shut down and put back in her place as it is a country ruled by men. STATUS equals Power and Veena your power is your status. I wish every girl and woman in pakistan is able to stand up. Religion begins at the heart also. Who are people to judge? its God alone and we are answerable to God not a mullah nor anyone. There actions there words will always be there but its our life in our hands. Veena if you read this, regardless what social work you do, standing up for yourself is by far the most important skill a person needs to have. Life is never fair to people who play with the rules.Whats a country that does not excell in any field they do. Some people dont even know Pakistan is on the Map. Show them for the best ways that its more of a country of mullahs n talabans. Advancing is not losing your relgion, its merely being educated and aware and with the standards to grow and florish a country.

  90. ‘veena malik’ the name itself is mix of Indian culture and culture of the continent is to love all human beings irrespective of their religion, cast or creed. she has done well to expose the hypocracy of those who want to creat wedge between two great religions on the basis of two nation theory

  91. Well done Veena Malik I do not know much about you but watching what you have said is right. If only everyone can ” see the LOG in their eye before the see the speck in others eye ” a lot of uncalled for issues can be resolved.

    Way to go girl!

  92. Veena, you get my fullest support. Although,being a christian, I have travelled in various muslim countries including Pakistan. We are living in the 21 st century and Veena is on the right path.
    Greetings from Sri Lanka.

  93. The biggest culprits are the Media – and that refers to media of all countries. In this situation the Pakistani media was totally one-sided and biased against actress Veena and did not turn out to support her when she was being victimized by the senile religious mullah. Its the same in other parts of the world – especially in the West – where they claim to have the more independent media. Its BS – if an editor of a large media corporation were to give his or her views about a current political situation which would be not in line with the political views of the media bosses who are goons of the politicians, then believe me, you will never see them again on TV. This is happening in America today – right now as we speak. There have been several top media personnel who have been fired for airing their views simply because those views were not the same as their bosses’ views.

  94. Superb. Wish there were more like her in this world so that these self styled keepers of Islam, whose sole agenda is to impose their warped sense of morality, life in general & understanding of Islam on the rest of the world, are taught a lesson in learing to live & let live. If they learn to agree to disagree the world would be a more peaceful place.

  95. Hats off to you Veena.

    I sincerly hope that lots of lots of brave women like you come out open in Pakistan to show right path of religion to the clerics


  96. VEENA is amazing!!! She’s simply, BEAUTIFUL. This world needs human beings like HER. She’s not alone, that I know.

  97. Hats Off to Veena Malik. I admire her courage and the way she ticked off the Muslim cleric.
    I give you 100% Veena. You have my full support.
    Vaidun Vidyadhar
    Tamworth, Australia

  98. Cheers to Veena Malik….don’t worry. I bless you and you have a seat in heaven. Hell to the Mufti who listens and makes judgement from hearsay public opinion. Since when judges make decisions based on public opinion and even admits has not seen the movie yet goes on the frontal attack on a lady who has praised and up held Pakistan name.

    Compared to all the Politicans, all he religious people, corrupted people and the idiots who go on the spree on killing their daughters on the excuse of Honour killing, gang raping in front of the entire village when the victim is not even the person who has done something wrong.

    Veena Malik I never new you. I hear all the controversies via media. Since your TV appearance I have high regards for you and accept you as a family of mine. You sure are an Iron lady who I believe can take all the Mullah of Pakistan single handedly.

    My biggest wish is to see you as Pakistani Prime Minister.

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