Residents of South Carolina warned of "Zombies Ahead"


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  1. dole says:

    Another one in Texas recently that flipped between “POOP” and “:) LOL”, gave me a chuckle.!5782081/if-you-hack-an-electronic-road-sign-please-dont-write-poop

  2. God of DIrt says:

    One of these cropped in Boulder (Zombies Ahead) last week. Big lolz, and switched back to its intended purpose pretty quickly. We need more creativity in “improving” these signs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went to check out the Jalopnik piece on cracking the roadsigns, and it fed my browser so many scripts that the browser crashed. Tried again with Javascript off and nothing displayed. So much for Jalopnik.

    That’s OK though, I was just curious how it was done. I wouldn’t actually try to crack a road sign.

  4. technogeek says:

    Not uncommon here in the Northeast. While there is supposed to be security on those things to prevent tampering, it often goes unused.

  5. lasttide says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m tired of zombie humor. It’s old hat. It’s done. The past decade has killed this bit of humor even more than “all your base.” I’d have actually prefered an “all your base” joke, that’s how far this joke has gone.

    After a slew of films, comics, books, video games, t-shirts, etc., I officially declare the zombie joke over. I will now only respond with an eyeroll to zombie humor. Go and subvert a new meme in the name of comedy.

  6. msw141 says:

    Having grown up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (with bordering York County), I am suprised to learn that there are bordering York & Lancaster counties in South Carolina.

    I wonder if there was some common thread in their founding that lead to this.

  7. RSDeuce says:

    Jalopnik did a post last year about how exactly to do this, and there was a rash of sighting of hacked signs afterward. A small bit of disobedience, but I read a lot of back and forth over just how dangerous this could/could not be…

    A quick search yields about a dozen posts about it. Here is the original.!5141430/how-to-hack-an-electronic-road-sign

  8. SeattlePete says:

    Someone needs to stop playing Left 4 Dead.

  9. malex says:

    Pills here!

  10. John Farrier says:

    Good for the hackers. If government won’t protect us from the undead, then ordinary citizens must take up that duty ourselves.

  11. mccrum says:

    Where’s the guy who is outraged about the safety equipment being used for frivolous purposes? I expected at least one by now.

    • daen says:

      Where’s the guy who is outraged about the safety equipment being used for frivolous purposes? I expected at least one by now.

      I’m so sorry I’m late. I got stuck in traffic on the 160. It’s an outrage!

  12. Kate in TO says:

    my friend sent me a picture of one of these signs that got hacked on some cold, rainy county road between Toronto and Ottawa.
    It flipped between 4 messages: “Caution”, “Construction Ahead”, “Drive with Care”, “Juicy Pussy”

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