Ken Hollings on BBC Radio 3: "Requiem for the Network"


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  1. PaulR says:

    Too bad they’re not MP3s…

  2. spencercat says:

    photo above: Ken and ME two weeks ago at the Masonic Grand Lodge in London

  3. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately, the bbc iplayer “listen again” archive of this program is incomplete. Concluding episode “head in the clouds” ends mid-sentence with the last 6 minutes missing.

    … which kind of a bummer and despite repeated requests, bbc hasn’t yet fixed this.

    typical bbc

  4. John Napsterista says:

    Check out the sign the guy on the left is throwing. Can someone kindly identify what set he is claiming?

    • Cory S. says:

      Not sure what you mean by “what set he is claiming,” but I assume the gesture in the photo is meant to symbolize the “as above, so below” precept of the (so-called) Western Mystery Tradition, or Hermetic Tradition. It’s frequently attributed to the “Emerald Tablet” or “Tabula Smaragdina” of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, and is popularly symbolized in the Magician card of the Tarot.

  5. Gronk says:

    Psst – the first link at the bottom of the article, Ken Hollings’ Requiem for Networks (BBC Radio 3), points to the article itself, creating a loop, instead of where I suspect it should be pointing to, .

  6. Ministry says:

    Slightly scary headline. I thought you meant Radio 3 was shutting down….

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