Clock powered by dead flies

[video link]

This prototype clock, designed by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, is powered by dead flies. A conveyor of fly paper catches the insects and then drops them into a microbial fuel cell where they become feedstock for bacteria to consume. As the bacteria munch on the dead flies (or most any organic matter), the chemical energy is converted to electrical energy. The same technology powers the sewage-eating robot I posted about last year and also appears in the video above. (via Daily Grail)


  1. This reminds me of that corpse-eating military robot that very quickly wasn’t, and Damien Hirst’s insect-o-cutor vitrines.

  2. “And the clock worked well for many years until, one day, there arose a fly named Neo…”

  3. I’m going to invent a biochemical machine that is powered by flies. I’m going to call it a “frog”.

  4. “We want to get robots to turn biomass into electricity.”

    Sure, they START by only eating flies.

    But the endgame is really, really ugly … .

  5. Couldn’t the conveyor belt’s energy source be used to power the clock, and skip the whole icky dead fly thing?

  6. I thought I posted about these, plus some more carnivorous furniture, on the Submitterator a while ago. I liked the table…

  7. It’s a slippery slope folks. It’s bad enough I have to worry that robots will kill me Terminator style, but now I have to worry they’ll develop an appetite for my delicious biomass.

  8. Insects thought they were winning by vastly out-massing us silly mammals.

    Muahaha, muahahaha…


  9. i dont like th epath this is going on…. soon that lion you saw on video will be a self replicated robot eating human beings.

    why not have it eat garbage? like mister fusion?

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