Disneyland fashion shoot, 1961

This 1961 fashion shoot from Disneyland, "Storybook Fashions," ran as an insert to the April 9, 1961 issue of Midwest Magazine distributed in the Chicago Sun-Times. It features some extremely snazzy duds!

Storybook Fashions (via Dinosaurs and Robots)


    1. At first I thought that it was Minnie! Then I saw it had no bewbs. Now I just see it as the androgynous mouse. And Mickey DID gain a lot of weight since. What is up with that?

  1. I think these days females play a lot of the male characters; girls are probably better at this kind of thing.

    I lived a couple miles away from Disneyland while at grad school and ended up knowing a lot of people who currently worked there or worked there in the past, so I got a bit of inside information once in a while.

  2. That mouse head plus the black shirt, on a sunny August Anaheim day… not all the E-tickets in the world, baby.

  3. It is just further evidence of how Americans, even our icons, now struggle with obesity.

    Mickey’s look, by the way, is saying “Hey, I wear white gloves, she wears white gloves — I might have a chance with this dame.”

  4. This was before advertisers latched onto the notion that sex sells everything, from hamburgers to cars. What strikes me is how wholesome these shots are, almost to the point of saccharine. It’s amazing how far things have swung to the opposite. I’d like to see the modern day update on this theme.

  5. Somehow, for me, the obvious humanity of the body underneath the obviously fake head, puts this old-style mickey firmly in the uncanny valley.

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