Porny parsnip

According to some of the twitterers, there is something erotic about this parnsip. I can't see it, though.

(Image: Phallic Parsnip3311, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from fireflies604's photostream)


  1. The similarity might be obvious, bur EROTIC? Please WTF !?

    This is gross, that bloated white belly… meaty flabby white…

    Realy gross, cant be unseen… dont want this picture…

  2. Poor Bibendum.

    He deserves better than having the grisly crime scene photos published after his rough-sex-play-gone-horribly-wrong death.

    A little respect for a fallen legend, please, Cory?

  3. cory, just relax your eyes and stare at it for a while. it’s like that duck-rabbit optical illusion, or one of those magic eye things.

    looked at from one point of view it’s a man with malformed erection. from another it’s a woman with improbable sex toy.

    both viewpoints are equally valid!

  4. also, I think I can see Jesus peeking out from behind the shaft!

    a potential ebay gem and fox news cover story!

  5. When this entry showed up in my RSS reader, the ad at the end was for a rubber company. SOMEONE owes me a new keyboard.

  6. Maybe it’s the giant ingrown a$s-hair they find erotic? If I find anything similar this garden season BB will be the first to know!

  7. Right. I can stop wondering what the Michelin Man looks like under his pants now…. (pass the mind bleach would you.., thanks!)

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