The Golden Dawn: "Evolution" (1968)

[video link]

Friday Freak-Out: The Golden Dawn's "Evolution," from their 1968 album Power Plant.


  1. Thanks, not a bad freak-out!

    I think this one’s better, though, especially the musique:

  2. sweet jesus. the music, man. its all about the music. i think, no, i have decided to give up all of my earthly possessions and follow father yod. he is the true spirit, the light of the spiritual children.
    oh ya ho wa way. oh ya ho wa way. oh ya ho wa way.

  3. @dia sobin, Nice one! I love that entire album but had never seen this clip.

    @Anon (Deejay O), Thanks for that link. Hope Kinney gets the support he needs.

  4. Everybody knows Arthur Brown, right? This is an excerpt from a film called “The Committee”, and while it contains no acid-fried visuals it manages to illustrate two interesting phenomenona:

    1. Arthur Brown

    2. Arthur Brown and band being way too cool for the room.


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