iPhone app store of "Color" may be best app store review ever


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a demo from the creators’ Vimeo page:


  2. Beaver says:

    The quote says data mining everything but personal info, as in someone is pointing a phone at a baseball player, how many other people using color are doing the same thing within a x km radius… which picture best represents this event, what is this event etc…

    That’s the point of the app, you give it info and it mines it and then uses it to build connections/events. I really don’t get the apprehension. It’s like a smart playlist for interaction/connection… If enough people used it you could theoretically find out relevant info for things you enjoy doing. Or in terms of a disaster it can collect information and connect it all to give you an actual set of data without anyone having to tag it or categorize it. Am I taking crazy pills here, the founder was pretty clear in his statements.

    I won’t argue the utility for everyone but I can certainly see how it could be cool.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think you accidentallied the title there.

  4. balthazar says:

    spotted this in downtown Palo Alto, across from the Creamery where that bath store used to be:


    apparently there is a venue for Color? so far the place looked pretty empty with a few tables and chairs scattered around. i’m curious to see it open. . .

    • petsounds says:

      apparently there is a venue for Color? so far the place looked pretty empty with a few tables and chairs scattered around. i’m curious to see it open. . .

      Perhaps they’re going to give Color personality tests there.

  5. stealthisbook says:

    Not knowing what “color” was in the slightest, I clicked through thinking App Store of Color was a new Apple venture trying to draw in more racial diversity in its clientele

  6. Anonymous says:

    A 5 star rating accompanies this review?!

  7. spool32 says:

    The snark level for this app has reached critical mass… I’m calling this one for the FAIL column.

  8. bklynchris says:


    Seriously? That is the mos pomo Kafka-esque thing I have heard in a long time. And that makes this naive old lady sad : (

  9. blueelm says:

    Ha! That was great. I couldn’t figure out what the app was supposed to do so I didn’t see any reason to get it. Now I’m kind of glad.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ‘Worst review, ever, of a mystery meat application that misspells the word colour….

    • Anonymous says:

      Now for your daily english lesson. It’s colour in Commonwealth countries and color in the U.S.
      Fancy having to be taught english by an Australian. ROTFLMAO!

  11. Hugh says:

    There’s talk of a second internet bubble. Is this a harbinger?

    • baph says:

      You can do anything at zombocolor.
      Anything at all.
      The only limit is yourself.
      Welcome to zombocolor.
      This is zombocolor, and welcome to you who have come to zombocolor.
      The unattainable is unknown at zombocolor.
      Yes, this is zombocolor.
      The infinite is possible at zombocolor.

    • Anonymous says:

      April Fool’s Day is this coming Friday. If the people at Color had waited one week to launch the app on April 1st, it all would have made a lot more sense. Something just feels “off color” about the massive upfront funding valuation for Color and the scalability prospects that would justify the initial funding level and related hype.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Was out at a bar with friends, for my twice-annual social activity.

    Remembered that Color had come out, and was made for such occasions.

    Launched app on my Droid. App immediately locks up.

    Relaunch app. Press buttons with no indication of use. See grainy photos from someone’s apartment. Close app.

    Read this review this morning, and feel only a little better.

  13. midknyte says:

    After chat roulette, launching Color must have taken copious amounts of balls or naivety.

    I’m betting on naivety. This could be much more fun than intended.

  14. grimc says:

    “Photo sharing is not our mission. We think it’s cool and we think it’s fun, but we’re a data mining company.” – Bill Nguyen, founder

    • blueelm says:

      Ohhhhh. Ok, that at least makes some sense.

      Why would I care to do that though? Sounds like it sucks up a lot of resources and gives you nothing in return.


    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. I read that link. You are very correct, sir. The founder solely admits that they are a “data mining company” foremost. Ouch. I am stingy with information or connecting GPS to anyone, etc. Plus, I certainly don’t have enough “friends” to justify. I am scared of strangers.

  15. Cowicide says:

    It better have a built-in goatse detector or there’s gonna be trouble at a location near you.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Let’s sicc Anonymous on Color.

  17. GrrrlRomeo says:

    I’ve had similar feelings about other apps. Even if there was a guide, they were non-technical in nature or just not very detailed. I’ve decided that they just aren’t targeting technically inclined people. They’re targeting people who will blindly click/tap on things…probably because those are the same people that will click on ads as well as unknowingly providing marketing data.

    And then I end up feeling frustrated and stupid for not being able to figure out how to do a thing that I’m sure the app should be able to do given it’s description.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you’re still wondering what it’s supposed to do, read the second paragraph of their TOS.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Read about it, installed it, took a pic of my desk, pressed a few btns, bewildered, looked up privacy info. It says the app goes through my address book if I accept. Since none of the btns I pushed had a label I guess Ive already accepted and the anonymous site now has my address book. Great app.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously people, read grimc’s link! !!!
      They admit the sole purpose is for data mining. If you are okay with that then go for it. The link will also explain it. Best used when at least TWO people open the app at the same time. Photo, location sharing, and data collecting of everywhere you go and what you do goes to the company! The link is “Bill Nguyen, founder.” Sorry I don’t know how to add hyperlink on here.

  20. nixiebunny says:

    Kinda like poking at a critter with a stick to see what it does. This type of app appeals to the masochists among us.

  21. jordan says:

    Oh, buy! Another app to get in the way of your actually having fun with the people around you in real life!

  22. jordan says:

    “Oh, boy” , that is. I managed to f*ck up my own snark. ThankyouverymuchI’llbehereallweek.

  23. Anonymous says:

    actually the review was secretly written by Bill Nguyen, this is art!

  24. jmtd says:

    Only one “color vs. colour” snark so far? Not bad! Did “Colors!” get the same rough treatment?

    • billstewart says:

      Blue. No, yel – AAAAAAAHH!

      This service looks so much like the kind of social game where any time they use a buzzword you have to take a drink, and somebody gets to yell “Bingo!” at the end.

  25. unicornsfillmewithdread says:

    (in the voice of your favorite #2)
    That would be telling! We want information!

  26. Beaver says:

    It sounds kinda neat… I know I know. When the App store, for iOS, first opened there was an app that let you create a “place” based on your GPS location and have a forum/conversation within that place. You could view the places around you and contribute or you could create your own. In my apartment complex in Venice it was fun in a crude ethereal bathroom wall kind of way. “Someone is fucking really loud…please stop, or include me.” “Someone stole my bike, going to Townhouse, if you see someone on a blue fixie with orange wheels punch them.” etc…

    It was a pretty surreal feeling to have messages stored by place and open to everyone. It could be compared to a digital fart in some cases, but sometimes it could be the sweet smell of beer or cookies depending on the quality of interaction.

    I still don’t remember the app’s name but it became a regular bathroom wall. People trying to troll for drugs and chicks. I still think the idea is neat.

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