Deathless: Cat Valente's beautiful fantasy of Stalinist Russia and the Siege of Leningrad


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  1. Mecharius says:

    This isn’t intended as a criticism at all, but I think it is very interesting that the husband is Koschei the Deathless. Koschei is always depicted as a villain in the stories I’ve read, if I remember correctly. Is he still depicted as one here?

    Anyhow, I very much look forward to reading this.

  2. strangefriend says:

    And in the Ukraine, a ferocious civil war breaks out between the Red, Green, Black & White Fairies. The Red Fairies triumph in the end after an alliance with the Black Fairies that ends when all the Black Fairy chiefs are shot with poisoned arrows. The Head Black Fairy Chief escapes to Paris, where he dies from eating 2 tons of cognac flavored chocolates.

  3. Grey Devil says:

    Sounds like a very interesting read. Though because of the folkloric nature of the book i think this would be excellent as a graphic novel, especially if it were paired with the type of artists that can really drive the revolutionary and whimsical themes.

  4. planchette says:

    God I really want to read this. I’ve been meaning to but Koschei is my villain in a story I’m writing, and I can’t peek until I’m done or it might muddle my thoughts. If anyone likes these old Slavic fairy tales, there are a ton of scrappy old-timey Hungarian television videos that someone put on Youtube. They’re the bomb.

  5. An3drew says:

    disordered and sentimental !

    where do these reviewers get their bloat from ?

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