Science fiction growth-chart takes your kid from Tribble to Vader

This geeky dad made a growth-chart for his daughter that allows her to log her height against Star Wars and other science fiction franchise characters. It comes as a seven-foot-tall PDF, in case your kid happens to grow to Darth Vader heights.

Growth Chart (via MeFi)


  1. They look more like the size of Tribbles than Ewoks.

    I kind of feel bad for the kids of today having their Gen-X Star Wars obsessed parents forcing this stuff on them. When do the kids of today get their own Star Wars?

    1. As soon as they can get it handed to them by the people working on reality television.

      There’s apparently not enough money to be made in pulling from ’50’s cliffhanger serials anymore. If you think about the ones that tried they just haven’t done well or weren’t very good (Sky Captain, the 4th Indiana Jones, the Matrix). It seems like the audience isn’t there or the filmmakers have gotten too timid in an attempt to appeal to larger audiences.

    2. Uh… Star Wars episodes 1-3? (Which I hated, but my 11-year-old loves). Clone Wars series on TV (which is quite good sometimes). The new Battle Star Galactica series. Firefly. Star Gate SG1 and Atlantis. Babylon 5 (which goes back a bit, yeah… but not to the 80’s, at least).

      Plus, why shouldn’t the classics live forever?

  2. Pretty sure that’s no Star Wars specific, just general geekery.

    I think it goes Tribble, Yoda, R2D2, Frodo, Leia, Dalek, Spock, Vader.

  3. >”I think it goes Tribble, Yoda, R2D2, Frodo, Leia, Dalek, Spock, Vader”

    Why isn’t anyone else noticing the abominable snowman standing behind vader?

  4. Who cares where it’s from? Someone post the PDF file so I can download it for my 2 year old. =)

  5. Did he bother to step back and look at it before he put it up in his kid’s room, and realize it looks like a 7′ tall phallus?

  6. Needs more female representation;

    Pikachu: 1’4″
    Tiffany Brissette: 4″
    Hayden Panettiere: 5’1″
    Sarah Michelle Geller: 5’3″
    Linda Hamilton: 5’6″
    Daryl Hannah (and Liv Tyler): 5’10”
    Alien Queen: 15’6″

  7. It would have been cooler in a way to stick with just Star Wars characters. Just add Ewoks and Wookiees.

  8. It would be better if it would use the metric system. Nobody outside of the US uses foot and inch anymore.

  9. The baby’s mama is also 5 11 1/2 and just touch growth chart above to connect to the growth chart.

  10. Dude, come up with either 7 Star Wars only references or 7 diverse references (or one prototype of each), take this to, get it licensed and produced, and use the idea not only to measure your daughter’s growth but to fund her college savings plan. This is a great idea and the geeky dad should make some money off it.

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