Carson Lighted Magnigrip Tweezers

Carson Optical Magnigrip with 4X Magnifier.jpeg I received these lighted magnified tweezers as a stocking stuffer a few years back, and although I am fortunate enough to have great eyesight these tweezers are absolutely amazing for inspecting and removing any splinters that might find there way under your skin. They use a single LED light that is perfectly pointed at the tips of the tweezers and a large 4x magnifying lens that helps to see those skin-colored cactus spines or tiny pieces of glass. The tweezers themselves are extremely sharp and are made for getting in there, more so than any other purpose. The only drawback is that the tweezer tip protector is easily misplaced and without it the tweezer tips can pierce toiletry bags and get bent. Overall, these are fantastic tweezers for finding your way around minuscule splinters or other small jobs in need of magnification and illumination. -- Anton Benson Carson Optical Magnigrip with 4x Magnifier $9 Don't forget to comment over at Cool Tools. And remember to submit a tool!


  1. !!!

    Lighted magnifying tweezers?! I had no idea this was a thing! I’ve got to get a pair… and I’ll probably order another for my advisor.

    Sure wish I had these a few years ago when I was picking hundreds of benthic macroinvertebrates off nets and trying to field identify them in low light!

  2. Caution: Side effects of entomology may include unexpected excitability, irritation and possessiveness in relation to… tweezers.



    £19.49 ($31.33)

    I’ve come across some pretty egregious examples of transatlantic gouging over the years (Apple’s assumption of dollar-pound parity is a big part of why I’m typing this on a PC) but this is just spectacular. I’d love for someone at Amazon or Carson to attempt a justification.

    1. Some thing with the Canuck Buck. Although it’s been at par or above par for over 5 years the assumption from booksellers has consistently been that there’s only about 80 US cents to our dollar. This is why, even though has free shipping, it’s often very much cheaper to buy from and pay the international shipping.

      1. I tried to buy these through but it’s an item that they won’t ship to outside the US, for some reason.

    2. It’s not Amazon selling it, but third party merchants. It’s a different merchant offering it in the US than in the UK. You’d have to ask soteluk, the UK merchant, to justify their price, not Amazon.

      1. Thanks and my apologies to – I see now you’re not gougers, merely gouging-enablers.

  4. As someone who gets glochids embedded in his flesh quite regularly, I can tell you that a credit card scraped firmly across the skin toward the exposed end of the foreign object, followed by the application and removal of a piece of packing tape, works quite well.

  5. shame on you, Antinous. following your glochids link only made me aware of bunnies tortured with them for the sake of science.

    1. I don’t know why they’d do animal research when there are a couple hundred thousand people trying to get those things out at any given moment.

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