Manager at CA nuclear plant sues over firing, claims whistleblower retaliation


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  1. Belshazzar says:

    Anyone who is concerned about safety issues at these stations should probably have a look at pg 3-9 of the following report, paying particular attention to the sections on Hatch, Indian Point and Salem:

    Then google “Davis-Besse Lessons Learned Task Force” for another NRC report on the second most dangerous US accident no one has heard about. Accidents and accidental releases (of varying severity) are a regular industry occurrence!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your documentation proving that nuclear facilities cannot be run safely due to the completely predictable behavior of human beings is unwelcome, because the new thorium cycle nuclear plants will be staffed only by inhumanly trustworthy saints descended directly from the fertile loins of Jesus.

    • Cowicide says:

      Thanks for the info, but those facts are impossible because of the overwhelming fact that nuclear energy is safe.

  2. Phlip says:

    I live 20 miles downwind of that f—er.

    Oh, and a few years ago Dick Cheney’s assets tried to pull a false-flag terrorism stunt there. Back when he was running out of options to start a war with Iran and suspend the Constitution.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Everywhere I look, something reminds me of her…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Same sort of thing coming out of the Maritime industry. Captains are sitting on the concerns brought to them by their Cheif Mates because corporate will do the same thing.

  5. millrick says:

    “the ex-manager said his safety concerns centered on labor issues not physical safety conditions”

    still, i worry about any facility that hushes up any type of safety issue

    • Cowicide says:

      Diaz said he is concerned about the safety and health of the employees that still work at the plant.

      As millrick mentioned above… this also makes me wonder what other safety issues will be ignored in the future under threat of termination. Not a “healthy” environment when so much is at stake for “mistakes” or outright violations of safety, is it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pamela Panek! Wonderful name for a nuclear plant boss.

  7. MertvayaRuka says:

    And these are the folks the pro-nuclear crowd thinks can be trusted with LESS regulation of their industry.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you really want to hear what goes on you can listen to an audio interview from 1984 with a weld inspector from the Diablo Canyon NP in California.

    It starts at about 1 hour and 3 minutes into the broadcast.

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