To do (for free) in NYC today: massive red and white quilt show, may induce "Amish heart attack"


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  1. Bonedoggie says:

    Epilepsy Schmepilepsy. They’re quilts. I was there this morning and it was incredible. Check my pics here:

    Enjoy, Jon

  2. Horace Rumpole says:

    650 red and white quilts? There’s an app for that:

    (It’s 590 MB, so download advisedly.)

  3. Nash Rambler says:

    I’m feeling a bit hypnotized over here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Check out my master list of quilt exhibit photos, blogs posts, videos and newspaper articles… leave me a comment if you not listed yet

  5. AirPillo says:

    I can see forever…

  6. gwailo_joe says:

    Wooooh. . .with quilts like these, who needs drugs?

  7. Philipshade says:

    I have it on good authority the guys from OMD hit the show while they were in NYC a couple weeks back.

  8. asbuuu says:

    Red and white high contrast repeating patterns like this resonate the most with the primary visual cortex in the brain. It’s a form of widely reported phosphene:

    If there was ever an image that might trigger pattern-induced epilepsy, this might be it. You might want to check with Epilepsy Action about leaving it before the jump. Seriously:

  9. bruckelsprout says:

    So… what’s an Amish heart attack and how does it differ from a more standard – let’s say – traditional heart attack?

  10. Yarp says:

    Rad! I’m tripping at work just looking at the quilt.

  11. therockmachine says:

    And the White Stripes are broken up. For shame!

  12. SidFudd says:

    Just followed the “Armory on Park” link and had a glorious moment of WTF: The index page at has a coruscating banner at the top with different works of art flowing across it. It starts with an image by Henry Darger – a collage incorporating his drawings of prepubescent girls plus some collaged mid-20th-century stamps. For just a second, this registered in my brain as a USPS banner ad. “New at your local post office – The Henry Darger commemoratives!” A bold an unexpected move in the annals of American stamp collecting. Oh well.

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