Unfortunately named websites


As Jack Chick's jolly devil would say, "Haw Haw Haw!"

Classic: Grandma's Bookmarks

UPDATE: CSMcDonald commented: "Unfortunately it looks like Cumming (town in Georgia north of Atlanta) has changed their domain name - cummingfirst.com now goes to a site that is definitely not the church. The church is now at http://www.cfumcga.com/"


  1. The place where we take our car to get fixed has a similarly unfortunate URL. It’s called “Jim’s Hi Tech Auto Repair”. I trust you see the problem.

  2. These are fun. As a word man myself, I find it odd and amusing that people neglect to examine their word, title or text choices more carefully. Except for some jpegs and a few videos, words are all we’ve got to specifically express ourselves here on the internet. Now I’m off to Penisland to buy me a pen – or maybe a new penis!

    1. I thought the same thing yesterday when at the grocery store I saw a large chocolate bunny called Mr. Solid. I can’t imagine why that would be the best name.

      1. “I saw a large chocolate bunny called Mr. Solid”

        If I’m not mistaken, Ron Jeremy and Marilyn Chambers starred in a low-budget XXX film called “Mr Solid” – it was released around 1978. *Mr Solid* would also be a great name for a workout gym or for a place that sells reproductions of Academy Awards golden statuettes.

  3. Unfortunately it looks like Cumming (town in Georgia north of Atlanta) has changed their domain name – cummingfirst.com now goes to a site that is definitely not the church.

    The church is now at http://www.cfumcga.com/

  4. That last one reminded me of the, no abandoned, Girl Scouts of America motto: Where Girls Come First.

  5. WARNING: DO NOT ACTUALLY VISIT THE SITES. Out of the 2 that I have checked, I have been thrown into an endless ad loop that tried to pass me some spyware and another that was already mentioned above. This list is old.

    1. @Amsterdaam – You need to browse with Firefox and Noscript, then those domain hoarders are a non-issue.

  6. Once made a website for a client with the business name of Events Exposition who insisted on getting a domain without hyphens.

  7. Reminds me of an internal website at work I stumbled across during the early years. Apparently a division in Asia was titled “Ten Doors User Education and Experience.” A common practice in the company was to abbreviate the UEaE to EX (Education and eXperience).

    This led to someone overseas creating… http://tendoorsex

    It was up for quite a while. :)

    1. That’s not very different than my Analysis of Function class back in high school (Anal Funk)

  8. I had a client whose URL was 35+ characters.

    He absolutely wouldn’t use anything else.

    As Sartre might have said, Hell is working for idiots.

    1. I’m always amazed by people who have difficult names to spell (an extra N or hidden E) who insist on using their name as their site, requiring them to always spell it out when giving it to someone. “That’s Steeve with two e’s…”

      1. Or they try to make it “easy” on the other person:

        “That’s Green, like the color. Spelled ‘Greeeeeeenne'”

  9. Tobias Fünke: No, no, it’s pronounced a-nal-ra-pist.
    Buster: It wasn’t really the pronunciation that bothered me.

  10. At one point I saw a billboard for Go Red For Women that contained the URL goredwomen.org

    Not sure if it was an actual bad URL, or an error on the billboard, but still…

  11. There’s an animator named Michael Sporn, and he has a site at http://www.michaelspornanimation.com. And…yeah. While the site is SFW and actually quite a good resource for animation and related artwork, I certainly felt awkward viewing the site at work in case the URL was flagged. (I promise this is a legitimate site, though.)

  12. TVTropes has an article for this kind of thing, of course – look for it under “The Problem With Pen Island”, if you dare.

    It’s not in the same category, but the one I miss is the ornithological society that once boldly registered itself at nice-tits.net, or some variant thereof.

  13. This one is probably deliberate, but still amusing to people like me, with a mental age of 13, that still giggle at words like boobs. Teehee.
    Is actually a diving school. I thought they were based in Beaver Creek in Colorado but their website now shows them in Vail.
    Nice seascape backdrop on the site, if a bit slow to load.

  14. A car dealership near us has the address ‘oneillauto.com’. Names with apostrophes and URLs sadly don’t mix.

  15. There’s a music venue in Paris called Le Baiser Salé (the salty kiss). Their domain name is lebaisersale.com, which, without the acute accent, means ‘the dirty kiss’ (le baiser sale).

    1. baiser doesn’t only mean “kiss”, that it did mean several generations ago, in modern slang usage it means “fuck” (and i learned that the hard way 25 years ago, with my innocent school french…).
      so i’m pretty sure they chose that name carefully, for the double entendre…

  16. The issue predates URLs. There’s a town in Massachusetts called Cummington. A mineral was discovered there.

  17. best ive found: Halfpricedrapes.com (Half Price Drapes). Good stuff tho, i ordered from them.

  18. I lived and worked in Cumming, Georgia. I had some of the most proper and straight-laced people I’d ever met crack up when giving out my address. I wish I could find the old promotional video where they did short spots with several people, young and old, from different walks of life, and they each said “I’m a teacher; I’m Cumming!” or “I’m an entrepreneur; I’m Cumming!”

  19. A local nursing home called “Citizen’s Care Center” registered the domain name citizenscarecenter.com
    Until they realized that most people read it as CitizenScareCenter
    Not someplace you’d take grandma…

    1. “Experts Exchange moved to …”

      But given the content of their site, “Expert Sex-Change” would be far less unpleasant.

      Especially as the so-called “experts” are people who are too thick to scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking the link from Google, and instead opt to pay for a subscription!

  20. Pen Island was clearly intended a joke so I’m not sure it really counts as “unfortunately named.”

  21. This BB post is like a lame forward from a lame friend. Almost none of these are real sites:

    expertsexchange.com — a filler / nothing site up for sale.
    penisland.com — sex site
    molestationnursery.com — does not exist
    therapistfinder.com — forwards to a real site with a real domain
    cummingfirst.com — not a church site – all about cumming first

    Lame, BB. Way lame. You’re like my crappy friend forwarding me total crap.

    1. It’s penisland.net, of course, not .com.

      And yes, Pen Island is a joke. Consider the following text from their site:

      “Whether you’re looking for a long and skinny pen, a thick pen, a fountain pen that squirts ink, or even a black pen, we have just the one for you.”

    2. You’re like my crappy friend forwarding me total crap.

      Better that than the guy whom everybody always moves away from at the party.

  22. This is what hyphens in the domain names are for, people! whorepresents.com, please meet who-represents.com and a 301 redirect.

  23. therapistfinder.com has been changed to counselingcalifornia.com the old link will now redirect you there.

  24. Although not naughty, I get a kick out of seeing the Fathom Events ad at the movie theater.

    Without caps or hyphens, I can’t help but read it as FatHomeVents.com

  25. My favorite has got to be the Chicago based company Data Based Ads.

    aka Database Dads


    I don’t know why that kills me, but it kills me.

    One year I sent them a Father’s Day card.

  26. Sometimes you don’t even need a website.

    To quote Wikipedia, about my hometown:

    nevertheless ‘uphill’ residential property continues to fetch a premium, and is almost invariably referred to as such in literature emanating from local estate agents. Membership of noted uphill organisations such as… the Lincoln Uphill Gardeners’ Club… is seen as a mark of local success, and much prized.

    [fnarr fnarr, etc.]

  27. I’m in Brazil where car license plates have three letters followed by numbers…

    I’ve seen BNS, and lots of others… but DUI is my alltime fave.

  28. While not strictly the same type of oops this reminds me of a story. A friend of mine worked at a copy shop and internet cafe about ten years ago and this little old lady walked in and asked how to set up an email account. My buddy told her to go to hotmail.com and follow the directions on the screen. About five minutes later she stormed up to the counter and yelled at him for sending her to a porn site and then left. We both scratched our head for a second and then the realization of what she had typed into the address bar hit us. Oops. Still cracks me up to this day.

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