Enormous hi-rez panorama of a spectacular 18th century library


10 Responses to “Enormous hi-rez panorama of a spectacular 18th century library”

  1. Donald Petersen says:

    Yeah, pretty nifty keen-o.

    But I’m visibly creeped out now. I may never set foot in another public space again.

    Surveillance cameras of this resolution, any second now. Hell, they’re already here, you’re next, etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Strahov has a magnificent cabinet of curiosities in the hallway outside the main library rooms.

  3. Cowicide says:

    Oh, my f’n gawd… this… is… AMAZING.

    Nude beaches are next.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just think, back in those days you had a chance of being able to study all those books. Now there is so much that you could live to be 1000 and still barely make a dent.

  5. SonOfSamSeaborn says:

    Don’t remind me of it, it almost crippled my laptop the other day.

  6. SonOfSamSeaborn says:


  7. Johnny One Spur says:

    Can’t believe no one’s made the Blade Runner reference yet.
    “Enhance 15 to 23…”

  8. iococoi says:

    that’s smegging fannytastic!..love the “footwork” on those visitors..

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