Enormous hi-rez panorama of a spectacular 18th century library

The 360Cities people shot a 40 gigapixel panorama of the interior of the gorgeous Strahov library, an 18th century biblioparadise in the Czech Republic. You can spend a lot of time getting lost in this image, which 360Cities claims is the largest indoor image ever shot.

Strahov Library 40 Gigapixels


  1. Can’t believe no one’s made the Blade Runner reference yet.
    “Enhance 15 to 23…”

  2. Yeah, pretty nifty keen-o.

    But I’m visibly creeped out now. I may never set foot in another public space again.

    Surveillance cameras of this resolution, any second now. Hell, they’re already here, you’re next, etc.

  3. Strahov has a magnificent cabinet of curiosities in the hallway outside the main library rooms.

  4. Just think, back in those days you had a chance of being able to study all those books. Now there is so much that you could live to be 1000 and still barely make a dent.

    1. Wishful thinking. That library alone holds and held far more books than one human can read in his lifetime.

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