Home Sweet Brachiosaurus: a cozy home in a thunder lizard

Shyama Golden's enormous oil painting "Home Sweet Brachiosaurus" offers a cozy vision of domestic life in the bowels of a prehistoric enormous herbivore. It previously hung in Austin's Progress Coffee, which is just another reason that Austin's such a fab place.

Home Sweet Brachiosaurus (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


    1. They have something similar at dinosaur gardens in the Northern part of Michigan, I imagine these little tourist spots are everywhere.

      1. I thought they were herbivores! Then again, most vegetables are more intelligent than creationists, so I suppose it’s not completely out of the range of possibility.

  1. Inspired by Hawkin’s Iguanodon dinner at the Crystal Palace?


  2. Why is the lamp above the table swinging like that? Is the Brachiosaur walking? Cool – its a mobile home!

    The door in the wall behind the mom, I guess that leads to the ah, er… umm, the exit?

  3. Claude Bell who created the Cabazon dinosaurs did a lot of the sculpture work at Knott’s Berry Farm, particularly in the now-neglected ghost town section of the park.

    We used to visit the Cabazon dinosaurs as kids in the 70’s and 80’s on our way out to camping trips at Joshua Tree. There was nothing out there but the dinosaurs, the EAT sign for the diner, and Hadley’s fruit orchard. I was so bummed when the creationists took over the dinosaurs. I hope they never remove Art Bell’s sculptures of the cro-magnon and other proto-human busts inside the dinosaur that conflict with their creationist views.

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