The Scout: surreal, Twilight-Zone-esque indie comic


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  1. Anonymous says:

    AdHouseBooks, shipping to Ireland is $20…

  2. Anonymous says:

    DIS IS SCOUT! RAINBOWS MAKE ME CRY! but honestly folks.

    i read this earlier, and i have to say it very well could have been narrated by rod serling, it was that good.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Malachi here – The Scout is once again available through my website

    Thanks for the kind review!

  4. AdHouseBooks says:

    Secret Headquarters still has copies…

  5. Grey Devil says:

    5 bucks for 16 pages sounds a bit much. They better be the most mind blowing, amazing 16 pages i’ve ever read. Considering that i can’t seem to find any page samples online i’m just going to pass.

  6. Lucifer says:

    the premise sounds a bit like Battle Angel Alita

  7. koichan says:

    Have to agree.

    Sounds quite interesting, but you’ll need to supply more than a single title image to get me to pay out for a $5 comic.

  8. AdHouseBooks says:

    OK. Now we are out. Thanks for the orders! Some go out today and the rest early next week. Malachi will hopefully update his site very soon so that you can purchase directly from him.

  9. AdHouseBooks says:

    Hey All. Very cool that Cory digs The Scout. Malachi does some fantastic sci-fi. Just to explain… we have The Scout as part of our AdDistro line… meaning that we help to distribute. So, we only have small quantities of it. We sold eight last night, and I put another six up this morning. That’s all we have. I think Malachi is at WonderCon in Oakland this weekend, so maybe swing by and see him if you’re there. Again, thanks.

  10. Shart Tsung says:

    ^ plebians

  11. nefarious_n says:

    Sold out :(

  12. elix says:

    Need a teleporter here.
    Need a teleporter here.
    Need a teleporter here.
    Need a teleporter here.
    Need a teleporter here.
    Need a teleporter here.

    Sorry, that’s the first thing that jumped into my mind. I might have to check this out.

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