Woodkid: "Iron," dir. Yoann Lemoine, feat. Agyness Deyn (music video)

"Iron" from WOODKID, via Clayton Cubitt. The director of this wonderful music video is also the performer, and you can follow him on Twitter.


      1. I concur.

        I don’t love the music, but the video more than makes up for any musical shortcomings I might perceive. Besides, my musical taste is pretty wretched.

        This’d make a nifty video for Jethro Tull’s “Broadsword.”

        See? Tin Ear Petersen, that’s me.

  1. Great video, fantastic song. This is the first I’ve heard of Woodkid. I just downloaded his EP from iTunes and the whole thing is great.

  2. Daaaaang.

    I wish that this video was based on a graphic novel so that I could read some back story. I want to know more about the people, the animals, the environment. Or this video needs to be just one clip from a four hour long epic movie.

    Don’t leave me hanging, man.

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