Andy Warhol bust by Ron English


Artoyz says: "We got a few of the remaining DCon exclusive Ron English Andy Warhol "FIGMENT" busts. Each measures a whopping 13" tall, 10" deep, and 9" across."

Yours for just 220 €.

Andy Warhol "FIGMENT" bust by Ron English


  1. $350? The picture must not do it justice because it looks like $10 worth of plastic. Does it talk? Does it have a built-in 15 minute kitchen timer with a Velvet Underground alarm singing “shiny shiny, shiny skull of plastic?” Because otherwise, I could go to Tiger Direct and get a pretty good computer for $350.

  2. I hate to be a party pooper, but I don’t recall ever seeing Andy Warhol’s hair looking like this in any photo. His hairy was always parted on his left side and the consistency of his actual hair was always very dry, unkempt and feathery – not styled close to the head and conditioned. I’d like to see the source material this hairstyle was based on, because this hair looks more like Kenny Rogers’ hair. Andy’s pink skull appears to be accurate, though

  3. Sorry, this posts lists it at 220€ – or about 300$ CDN.
    According to the website, you missed a zero; it’s 22000€ or 30,001$ CDN. In words that’s “Thirty Thousand and One Dollars”

    Looking at the website I see they have 4 out of 17 cars they sell that cost more than this skull art.

    1. No, the BB post is correct.

      The website lists the price as “220,00 €”. In Europe and the U.K., the custom is to use a comma where Americans use a decimal point. So the price is 220 Euros and no cents (or whatever Euros are subdivided into).

      That’s still too much to play for a chunk of plastic that looks nothing like Andy Warhol.

  4. Honest… looks a hell of a lot more like John Pertwee.

    @burritoflats re: “his actual hair”

    He always wore wigs. Sometimes you could see a bit of his real hair sticking out underneath (like the picture Anon #3 linked to), but that trademark feathery and messy silver top wasn’t his hair at all.

    Not to say that this looks *anything* like that aforementioned trademark look.

    1. “@burritoflats re: “his actual hair””

      Good point, I suppose. Though you might be splitting hairs (poor wordplay I know)

      Frankly if one wears a wig all the time, that wig automatically becomes apprehended (by others) as “one’s hair” (there are plenty of cruel examples in the celebrity world) – still, the dry and feathery wig(s) Warhol wore look nothing like the sculpted hair/wig in this sculpture, which was my main point.

  5. New Cable Modem, 10X the speed. Yay! Now, the reason for the post—

    It’s too bad that the creator wasn’t Jean-Paul Gaultier, becuase then it could be a bottle and hold cologne, or Maybe Dan Ackroyd would make s special edition skull vodka with this template.

    Wacky what some people think is art, eh?

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