April Fools

fools.jpg It's that time of year again, when everyone is allowed to think that they're funny (including us) even when they are totally not funny at all. Share the best April Fools' jokes on the net in this thread! Let's get the ball rolling with Comic Sans Pro, a press release from Monotype. Nice!


    1. I signed up to receive some sweat-bands before realising it’s US only. :(

      My favourite April Fools is still one my brother played on me ~14 years ago; he got up real early and moved everything in the kitchen cupboards around. Went to get a bowl, cereal etc, couldn’t find anything, was all in different places. Simple, but effective.

  1. You had me going there for a minute :) Good one! Although.. I must say I would pay for this if I had to. Yall do a great job!

  2. Got to say, I wasn’t thinking about the date when I first saw that. I’ve got so used to people who were previously advocates of open access going pay-to-access or some variation, I was just about to get depressed… D’oh!

  3. Pay wall!!!1! YOU had me there for a bit! FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU was my first reaction. My next one was, How can I pay them w/o a trace back to Me?! good job at LOLZ ing me boingboing, good jobz!

  4. Last night (it was past midnight) I went to brush my teeth before bed, and I discovered that my wife had shoved a raisin into the top of the toothpaste tube.

    That was really weird.

    Even weirder, she says she got the idea from her friend who got the idea from Martha Stewart.

  5. Hehe, good one BoingBoing !

    This morning on CBC they had en interview with the leader of the SAGE party, a new Canadian federal party, who represented elderly people. They would be unstoppable because the elderly votes. I was half asleep so I don’t remember the details but it was quite funny.

  6. Blame this guy….
    pageTracker._setCustomVar(1,”MTAuthor”,”Cory Doctorow”,3);


    My favorite April Fools joke was hanging a sign on the back of a car that said “Honk your horn! It’s my Birthday!!”

    1. Heh. That’s a good one. I wonder if that was seeded or just left to germinate on its own.

      Woot has this awful game thing for its “bag of crap.”

  7. The Art Guys – “The Meronomic Antinomy of the Trans-Finite Realm (She’s a Brick House)” at The Wrong Again Gallery (opening tonight!). Read hilarious description of show at http://on.fb.me/eR6vWz

  8. I had a dorm room that was a symmetrical rectangle and I had friends break in and move EVERYTHING to the mirror image side of the room. The bed, posters, armoir, everything. They even went as far as moving all my desktop icons. It was pretty good.

  9. I do data management from my home office. Just woke up and I hadn’t made my coffee yet when I stumbled into my office, turned on my computer, and took a look at BoingBoing. I was sooooooo upset until I got to the Linden dollars remark. Then the light came on. This took a while, because I kept reading the first paragraphs over and over because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. You got me good!

  10. My first response?
    “My god, it’s full of (ny times paywall idiocy) – and paid in LINDEN DOLLARS???!!! WTF DUDE!!!???!! Who the hell still uses 2nd Life and has freakin’ linden dollars …..”

    then I was like … “D’Oh!”

    Got me … tell my wife and kids I love ’em ….
    I have been Boinged.
    and I loved it.

  11. Man you got me; I thought you were going by way of the other news sources that expect us to pay for information. Although I would seriously consider paying to read boing boing.You guys bring us some fascinating articles

  12. What a bunch of hypocrites!!! …. and the NYT … and WSJ … WTF boingboing?!?! I vowed never to return in roughly 2 seconds.

    It’s been over a decade sense I was had on April 1st.

  13. Well, knowing BB values, I was first surprised, and was then convinced that it would be a legitimately affordable price I was going to pay, so think it over:) Actually, please don’t…

  14. Oh man. You got me completely. I believed you.

    Like Spongebob, I had my money ready to hand over to you – that’s how much I love you, BoingBoing.

    [single manly tear]

  15. Hehe, not bad,. I didn’t bite though, it was just TOO contrary to what you guys do. Now if you said you had been taken down by court order due to some vague copyright violation…

  16. I’m going to sneak into work early and add the words The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves to the company mission statement in the employee lounge. I will get in trouble. It will be worth it.

  17. It seems odd that I used to dread April Fools day jokes and now they seem like good ideas, such as paying for Boing might lower the troll population or that Fake Book sounds like a service I would use…

    or that it’s 20 degrees above normal here in Vgas today, haha good one….

  18. haven’t been fooled yet today, but I was impressed by xkcd. (The effect is applied to the entire archive.)

    Sorry guys, but that paywall thing was about as convincing as Cory getting elected to head the Business Software Alliance.

  19. It was only a matter of time before leaks concerning the ongoing Libyan military action were revealed to the world. We’re pleased and proud to be the exclusive source of this volatile information and want to thank the U.N. representative who left their laptop in a taxi in midtown Manhattan Wednesday night with a screensaver password of “god”.


    “try searching for “Libyan War Memos” on Google”

    It had me, I posted it on my facebook XD

  20. my first thought: “this feels BB heretical”
    my second thought: “can i get by reading a mere 25 BB posts a month?”
    my third thought: “how the fuck do i get linden dollars without signing up for second life?”

    hahaha. long time since i’ve been april fooled. well done!

  21. Hulu may have gone back to the 1990s but YouTube takes you back to 1911. Click on the 1911 button on any video for that old timey look/feel.

  22. You guys are just evil. I was ready to punch babies until I remembered it was April Fools day. Good one BoingBoing.

    In other news, here is a great April Fools Day Joke. My parents marriage (married on April 1st 28 years ago today). Divorced for 3 years now, both happily remarried, although not sure about the ‘happily’ part. I laugh at their expense.

  23. What gave that one away is that it’s a current topic with we, your happy mutants. You still get worthy prank points and a raised eyebrow from me at the *very idea* you’d pander down to digital subscription delivery. Happy Friday! ^..^~

  24. I woke expecting April fools and saw nothing then around 5pm(Israel) this, it got me riled a bit. You got me!
    To prove we are also fools midninght today was also daylight savings day.

  25. I WTF’ed then lol’ed – in the UK jokes past midday didnt count when I was a kid :p

  26. I’m pretty sure I heard the first April Fools of the day (in Chicago anyway). Last night at 12:01am, somebody yelled “you suck … April Fools!” at the band we were seeing ‘The Funs’. I laughed.

  27. “Don’t they know it’s April 1st? What a terrible day to introduce a policy like that”. “Wait…”
    I think too much sometimes

    1. Lol – this phrase there is good “Coal extraction is also seriously threatened by clean-water standards, public-health concerns, and common sense.”

  28. OH man I’m glad I clicked on the “subscription information” link because I had already deleted the boingboing.net bookmark from my toolbar.

    Ok back to the toolbar, bookmarked again! :-)

  29. What’s really funny is I was hoping to sign up and receive faster downloading. It’s not me it’s you.

  30. I’m liking YouTube 1911:

    Especially the bed intruder:
    Skidoo you children!
    Skidoo your wife!

    Run and declare that, hayseed!

  31. that was a good one, i’m usually the guy that NEVER falls for them, but you got me! i was gonna be pissed if i had to pay for boingboing, thanks for the pranx. jim

  32. “The Current,” on CBC Toronto aired a hilarious segment this morning with Gordon Pinsent as the spokesperson for a new federal party, the “Sage Party,” whose platform is to look out for the interests of Canada’s elderly. Citing statistics that more than 4 million Canadians are over the age of 65, and 90% of them vote regularly, Pinsent went on to outline the party’s agenda, which included raising money for government by selling off all the computers, reverting to paper filing and real people answering the phone, and making it a federal offense for anyone under the age of 45 to fail to surrender their seat to an elderly person on public transit.

    There’s no audio up yet, but I imagine it will be on the CBC website within a few hours.

  33. Reddit has the worst. They have a prank that allows people to make it hard or impossible for anyone they disagree with or don’t like to submit links or post comments. I would think driving away the most active members of the community would be a bad idea. But apparently the reddit mods like the idea of attacking their readers.

  34. Danger! Danger! BoingBoing Central Control…
    Clueless here blew off the date and almost de-bookmarked my favorite site.
    Shame on you!

    1. Bet the number of Boing Boing readers goes down because of this. I know I almost took deleted my bookmark. If so, the joke will be on them.

  35. Woke up this morning to find little plastic googly eyes stuck onto every surface — on door knobs, on the alarm clock, on the wall, on flowerpots. Eyes everywhere. Little eyes.

    And our kids got orange juice this morning, but with the bottom half of the glass frozen solid. We froze the milk in their breakfast cereal last year, so they are pretty suspicious now.

    My wife’s birthday is today — Happy Birthday, kt — that is not a joke. And her siblings had to have their mom bring new little sister in to school a couple days later to make the other kids and teachers believe them when they announced her birth…

  36. Am I the only one here that actually HAS Linden Dollars, or am I the only one here that will admit it?

  37. at mugenguild, a forum dedicated to opensource game building( using the mugen engine) , they rolled back into their 2000 policies claiming that the whole opensource fad wasnt being sucessful and changed all rules and etc back to the way they were in 2002, the rules look ridiculous by today standarts and the contrast is hilarious.

  38. Blizzard Entertainment has several, but I think their Horadric Cube iPhone app is the best. Lets you combine your apps to make ‘new and better’ apps…Facebook + Twitter = Portal to hell!

  39. despite the immediate WTF it wasn’t til I got to the Linden dollars that light dawned

  40. Damn you, Boing Boing! I fell for it (yes, yours) so bad.

    I was like “Mmm… well, I think I would pay, sometimes their stuff is good”.

    Then I was “Oh, in Linden Dollars only. I guess I must have enough accumulated in my long forgotten -but paid- Second Life account. As soon as I get home tonight, I will suscribe. This fellas at Boing Boing need my support”.

    But then “WAIT A MINUTE!!! Linden Dollars *ONLY*??!!!

    Checked the calendar. April 1st.

    I was willing to give you my money Boing Boing, think about that for a minute.


  41. aaaarhg! you got me!

    but only because being early evening now in the UK i got every other site in my RSS feed’s pranks over with this morning and then put AF’s Day out of my mind.

    i had thought it was the ‘truck driver builds functioning atom bomb’ post when i first saw it.

  42. Har! I knew it was April Fool’s joke when I read the payment terms. “Linden Dollars”? Everyone should know the currency in this magic kingdom is Wuffie.

  43. Got me good! I had only started my morning coffee and almost did a spit take, then remembered what day it was! Thanks for the fun!

  44. Apple is creating a makeup collection to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the iPod and OS X: http://www.bellasugar.com/15353362

    After work, my beau is going to buy some macaroni and cheese or potato salad — something that can be mixed easily — and heavily salt half of it, which he’ll offer to his roommate. When roommate goes crazy, the rest of us will calmly explain that ours tastes just fine, and keep a straight face even if he asks us to try his.

  45. When I saw the front page, I thought I recognized it as the same thing BB did last year. So I just said, “Oh, April Fool’s.” and clicked past it. But now I’m wondering if it really was BB that did the same thing last year, considering all the people here who admitted being taken in for a few seconds…? What did BB do for last April 1?

  46. I think this is the first april fools we’ve done, at least since I’ve been around (3 yrs ish)

  47. This is a crass attempt at manipulating the exchange rate for Linden Dollars, and I want no part of it. I’m headed straight for the airport kiosk before things get out of hand.

  48. You swine ! I nimbly avoided every single gag attempt today…..and then found myself looking desperately for any Linden dollars that might have fallen down the back of the sofa, just to get my BB fix. LOL, peeps, hook, line and sinker.

  49. I used to enjoy April Fools Day, but with so much batshit craziness going on in the world, it seems kinda stupid to add to it deliberately. It makes it hard to believe _ anything_ I read or see today. Sigh… I miss the truth.

  50. Second site of the morning. WTF but the date synched with NYT paywall. Read the whole thing and googled Linden dollars. It was then (after reading the Wikipedia def) that I realized I had been had on April 1. Boninged big time!

  51. Hey you had me, right up to the Linden Dollars.
    I know the currency of choice here is wuffie.

  52. Adblock for Chrome update

    “Just released:
    AdBlock Freedom! (beta)
    Get the new AdBlock Freedom augmented reality eyewear, and block billboards and magazine ads in realtime!”

  53. called mom from NYC at 10am (she’s in Tucson) and told her I just wanted to tell her I love her and this might be the last phone call I can make… that I was trapped on a subway and could hear explosions. In hindsight, this might have been taking it too far.

  54. Dial-up Internet is enjoying a huge comeback as the slow-net wave (partly inspired by the slow food movement) crashes onto hipster shores nationwide.

    OK Go frontman Damian Kulash has written the trend’s anthem. The song is called “Love Me Longtime.”


    Be sure to catch the complete “All Things Considered” story when it goes online at 7 pm eastern on npr.org The Slow Internet story is at the very end of the 2 hour recording.

  55. BoingBoing’s April Fool’s gag- this was the only time that I’ve ever fallen for an April Fool’s joke in my life. SRSLY, I was kind of angry

  56. I’m kind of sad that I apparently missed the BoingBoing joke. You’ve got a link that says “including us” in the summary, but it doesn’t link to an archived version of the story or anything… I think I may have fallen for it; when I realized what it was after being confused by a few comments I was disappointed it was removed.

    I guess it was recognized that people might not get the joke and never come back… perhaps some subtle editing to make it more clear might have been in order rather than removing it entirely!

  57. By coincidence it’s “take your grownup to lunch” day at my kid’s school. Seizing the opportunity, I repacked his lunchbox with a roll of toilet paper instead of a sandwich, and gave the sandwich to Mom to hand over when they met up in the school cafeteria. Big laffs.

  58. Moderator note: I’m happy to report that the idiot filter worked and lots of clueless anonymous commenters wrote in to tell us that they’ll never speak to us again.

  59. Haven’t seen many good ones. Lots of clumsy efforts entirely lacking in subtlety, but a real shortage of good ones…

  60. Oh, very funny….I haven’t visited Boing Boing in 2 months, and only returned after reading about the joke in another forum. Well played….sort of…

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