Here's an April Fool's disappointment for you: these Easter-ready Choco-Thulhu statuettes are a cruel hoax, and cannot be used to prettify your springtime carb-binge:
Easter is just around the corner, and we all need to load up on anti-oxidants, especially the non-euclidean kind. So, I am taking pre-orders on dark chocolate Cthulhus. 8-1/4" high, 3/8" thick. It's the same design as the resin statues, just tastier and not as good for fighting cavities:
Choco-Thulhu (via Super Punch)


  1. What about chocolate chocobos? Can we get those here in the states? The state, you know, of not enough chocolate?

  2. I like the idea of a sensitive young pastry chef awaking after a night of half-remembered and ominous drems, only to find his hands caked in chocolate residue. The kitchen is a chaotic mess, and it is clear that implements and appliances have been used in ways that defy logic and purpose. In a baking pan on the countertop lurks a bas-relief of a nameless, sugary horror perched atop a pedestal, dripping with frosted ichor. Behind the figure, in the depths of the pan, lurk cyclopean brownies …

      1. Seconded.

        If “frosted ichor” isn’t a band name, it’s certainly my new dessert craving.

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