Yuri's Night art contest call for entries: Win a Zero-G flight on the Ilyushin 76!


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  1. satn says:

    anyone know a good yuri’s night party in SoCal from past years?

    It’s my favorite holiday, my birthday, and I’m Russian…there’s gotta be a T-shirt for that (one that dictates kissing)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi to the world and especially Russia…I spent nearly six months in Orenburg where Yuri Gagarin graduated and married His wife Valentina on that very same day…I, just happened to be in Orenburg as my Husband who reads, speaks and writes fluent Russian was working there on a Civil Engineering project for Gasprom…I guess it was fate that I should be where Yuri and Valentina once lived and was delighted…We, got back to our birth nation SRI LANKA within the last quarter of 2010…
    This is true, I was born on 13th April 1961 just after midnight of the 12th and little did I know about the historical significance of my birth and my subsequent meeting with Dear Late Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Teroshkova Russia’s 1st female cosmonaut in Ceylon, as Sri Lanka was known back then; in the Hill Capital of my country Kandy when they embarked on their World Tour…
    I’m delighted that this April 12th 2011 marks 50 years since Yuri circumnavigated Earth in 108 minutes and I turn 50 too…Am proud of my moment of glory as a toddler aged 1 and sincerely love Russia and it’s people…I do posses one out of two photographs (B & W)…The other in which Yuri is carrying me is yet to be located…April, marks the saddest and happiest times of my earthly life…I, so wish I could have really known Yuri and His family and met Madame Teroshkova in Moscow…This is my dream that I, might be able to see Earth the same way as both Dear Yuri and Madame Valentina Teroshkova saw it from space…I do thank GOD for this gift from Russia and my moment of sheer glory with such Iconic figures in history…GOD BLESS YURI GAGARIN and Madame Valentina Teroshkova…Pasiba, and Dasvidanya…

  3. Jake0748 says:

    Note on the second photo: I’ve always thought that an original Imac, hollowed out, would make a neat-o space helmet.

    On the first pic: Whoa!! :D

  4. lorq says:

    Can’t…stop… imagining… Yuri pasties…

    (embarrassed cough)

  5. Plut0 says:

    I want to party but got to learn :(

  6. Anonymous says:

    Here in DC — the ostensible HQ of all things U.S./space-related — the “official” Yuri’s Night party at the Goddard Space Center has been canceled due to lack of interest. On the other hand, the semi-official, kick-ass “Countdown to Yuri’s Night” party — featuring space-themed burlesque, tiki cocktail-dispensing robots and so much more — is nearly sold out. It’s where DC’s space-nerd policy wonks *actually* go on Yuri’s Night, a real DC insider’s secret. I’d post a link, but I’m not doing this to spam or promote — just to let folks know how their elected space policy officials party down on Yuri’s Night. And good for them — every year, that party seriously bumps!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes, a few YN LA events. Speeches at Griffith Observatory 7:30-9:00. Afterparty at Wood and Vine with astro-DJ, visuals, “cosmo”naut drink specials, and of course Yuri tattoos. Details for Griffith online, for Wood and Vine http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=122398501170373 (to be added to the official party list soon!). I will be at both- Loretta Whitesides, Yuri’s Night Co-Creator

  8. Anonymous says:

    You look absolutely beautiful Xeni…..

  9. francoisroux says:

    What kind of chaser is normally required when Boing Boing staff post hot pictures of themselves?

  10. Anonymous says:

    OOOOOHHHHHH! I thought you meant a different kind of yuri when I first read the title. We’re just planning to have a astronomy night (Weather permitting!).

  11. Ugly Canuck says:

    …and the Soyuz Gagarin is on its way right now to the ISS…:


  12. Anonymous says:

    There’s a big Yuri’s Night party here too:

    The Other Door
    10437 Burbank Blvd
    North Hollywood

    One of the bar owners is the son of the engineer who kept placing duct tape in the Apollo capsules as a joke, and pointed it out to the rest of the Apollo 13 team when it turned out to be vital to bringing the crew back alive.

  13. obdan says:

    ahem.. I’d hit that

  14. Anonymous says:

    50 years later, the Russians are still launching people into space on a modernized version of the same booster that sent Yuri into orbit. In the US, on the other hand we are flailing about trying to figure out if and how we’re going to keep putting people into orbit, and how many years THIS gap in our launch schedule will be.

  15. kevin143 says:

    What happened to Yuri’s Night in the Bay Area this year? :(

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