Old-school computer company logo t-shirts

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Abandonwear sells t-shirts of old computer-related company logos. According to the site, it's "a history of silicon valley failure written in t-shirts." They're even taking requests! Abandonwear (via @Chris_Carter_)


  1. hoping that ‘wang care’ put out a tshirt.

    other than that. put me down for a nokia tshirt in 5 years.

  2. I bought the Tandy shit even though it’s the “Color Computer” logo and not the geekier and cooler (IMHO) “Trash 80” logo. Now if only I could get my hands on a vintage “Boston Computer Society” T I’d be in nerd-vana.

  3. Tandy was my first rig in elementary school and Radio Shack’s IBM compatible. Had to switch out two floppies just to load DOS. Rad.

    1. Yes!

      My current trump card in any “Who’s the older nerd” game is “I started out on a computer that didn’t have a hard drive!” I wish I could find one of those old Tandy’s. First computer I ever wrote code on.

      1. Pfft, I started out on a computer that didn’t have a floppy drive! :) … C64 loading off cassette tape.

        I suspect an Altair user will come along and trump both of us.

      2. It’s not hard to find those old computers. They’re on eBay at very affordable prices now that people are either dying off, turning to emulators, or distracted by Matlock reruns.

        My 8-bit computer collection is coming along nicely. :)

  4. I’m too young for these companies and this particular age of computers. Honestly the logo graphics for these shirts is a little bland and boring, but I suppose that’s the ironic appeal – wondering if these designs have to be licensed from each company or if they’re now public domain?

  5. The aldus pagemaker splash logo was pretty stylin’

    further suggestions:
    – sierra games
    – sequent computers (ibm bought them out over a decade ago)

    okay… after looking at the site they have aldus and sierra, plus some real essentials like adlib and hayes.

  6. Request made for a Speccy shirt (surely needed to keep that C64 lout in check) and an old Ultimate Play the Game logo, complete with melting Competition Pro 5000 joystick – the only thing worth plugging into your Kempston Pro interface…

  7. We had a Wang 720c in my high school math department. My research tells me that they paid about $7,000 for a really big $5 calculator.

  8. That Digital Research shirt is doing it for me, albeit in a somewhat negative way. I hated that OS, but used it quite a bit from 1978-1986.

    As far as vintage computer cred, my brother and I built a Motorola MEK6800D1 into a working system that ran a 2K tiny BASIC that he wrote himself in assembler. The only other non-homebrew part was the 4K SRAM. Data storage on a Sony reel-to-reel audio deck.

  9. anybody remember the 30×30 grey scale image of Eisenstein on the T-shirt advertising the MITS-80?

    thats like 45 years ago….. I still have a copy of creative computing from 77 with the ad for it…..

    ahhh, to remember to good old days when computer magazines were all about doing math- long hand……… and the biggest ad was for the Ti-99 calculator for 380$

    1. Surely it was iconic scientist Albert Einstein rather than Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein?

  10. Very cool! But “silicon vally failure”? At least some of these (if not all) were both successful and even significant at the time.

  11. I’d totally pick up another NeXT shirt ( in a size that fits me now )… but the colors are way off ( grump grump grump, I’m a grumpity old man ).

    1. Yeah, I’d pick up a NeXT shirt too, but just as you, the lack of proper logo coloring really bothers me. I mean, Paul f’ing Rand designed the logo. Have some respect.

      The guy’s descriptions of the companies are a bit uninformed. For instance, in Spectrum Holobyte he talks about some obscure Star Trek game, but I know them best for their Falcon flight simulator series. I spent many a summer day on my Mac Plus with the first of the series:

      He’s right about SSI’s Pool of Radiance though. I never finished it. I don’t think anyone did. I remember getting to a major plot point battle, only to be greeted by several beholders and a lot of other…well, several beholders. Need I say more? I never got past that encounter.

  12. Probably only relevant to Australians, (and hence not much of a market) but I’d like to see them do Microbee.

  13. There are too many of those that wouldn’t be appropriate for me to wear. For instance, I knew people who were at Berkeley Systems, so wearing the shirt from there would feel like I’m ripping off their reputation. And I didn’t play most of the games or use a Commodore 64.

    On the other hand, BASF? I burned through enough of their tapes making VAX backups that they probably owe me some shirts…

  14. I’d buy an Infocom one as well, but I still have the one I won way back in the day in a Status Line contest. :-)

  15. I dig the Broderbund one, but I feel I should represent Kaypro. Me sainted mum started her memoirs on one, and I had fun with it for years. I think I only got rid of it in 1994 or so.

    1. Wow, someone definitely needs to recommend Kaypro to them. My second IBM clone– and the one I probably used most– was made by Kaypro.

      The first, incidentally, was an NCR Decision Mate V that was a hand-me-down from my dad’s office. This was a weird not-quite-IBM-compatible that ran MS-DOS and GW-BASIC, but used a proprietary CGA-incompatible graphics card that was supported by almost nothing.

  16. I just bought the Infocom Hoodie. Will tease husband with it- He was the Production Manager at Infocom. Long Live Zork! I did not see Dr Dobbs Journal- running light without over byte. Any one else remember that magazine?

  17. Hmm. T-shirts don’t normally work very well for me fashion-wise, but some of these are pretty tempting. I feel like there are vast swaths of logos missing from my early days of computing, both obscure and well-known, but I can’t actually bring any to mind such that I could make a suggestion. I will have to look through all the old crap at my parents’ house that’s always under threat of being thrown out.

  18. How about IBM’s ubiquitous “THINK” plaque from 1401/1410/360 mainframe TOS days . . . or even better, image of an 80-column ‘punch card’! Anyone remember 8″ floppies used in Wang’s dedicated WP (Word Processing) systems?

    The one give-away I wish I would’ve kept from the many computer shows I attended is the 1.25″ coin-like, thin wooden disks with ‘TUIT’ printed on them . . . so you could go to their booth and get ‘a round TUIT’!

  19. My current trump card in any “Who’s the older nerd” game is “I started out on a computer that didn’t have a hard drive!”

    Man, it makes me feel old that there are adult (presumably) nerds who think it makes them some old to have started computing on a computer without a hard drive.

    My family started with a TRS-80 Color Computer. We paid extra for the “extended memory,” which meant 16k of RAM instead of 4k. The only data storage device we had were cassette tapes. And we liked it!

    But of course, the people who remember punch cards trump me left and right.

    1. I wrote:

      makes them some old

      Why did I write that? I intended to use the word “feel,” not “some.” What a weird mistake.

      Anyway, let me second the person who wonders how this is “Silicon Valley failure.” Many of these companies were successes.

  20. Myself, I just ordered the C64, Infocom, Broderbund, and NeXT (yes, yes I know about the colors). All four of those have some very fond places in my heart and memory.

  21. Antic? ANALOG? (Atari 8-bit magazines)

    I was going to suggest Dr. Dobb’s Journal, only to see that Infoworld has apparently revived it?

  22. While my first “real” computing experience was on the TRS-80 1 & 3 as well as the Commodore PET I really sunk my teeth in the Atari 8 bit line (as noted by my handle).

    Man, I recall going onto BBS and when my Hayes modem was upgraded from 300 baud to 1200 baud, it was an important upgrade then as TiVo is now.

  23. I have KIM-1 and OSI Superboard II on my resume from the mid ’70s. I’d never wear their logos on a shirt, though. On a 53 year old guy that would just be too confusing. Hipster? Oldster?

  24. I must be missing something really basic here, and boingboing readers surely know plenty about copyright…so can someone explain to me how it’s legal to do this? It just strikes me as such a “there’s a reason someone hadn’t done it already” idea.

    Yeah, there are plenty of us older geeks still around who appreciate and even love these logos. Surely though, some of their designers are still around too?

    I’m not trying to be a buzzkill, I really want to understand this and am looking for sincere responses. Since these aren’t “parodies” or “inspired by” such as something like Last Exit To Nowhere’s shirts I’m confused as to how this can be legal (and how someone else might create similar nerdy art in other media, legally, using copyrighted logos)?

  25. Chris Carter has a twitter feed? First one I’ve felt compelled to join – thanks boinGboinG! My first computer was an HB pencil.

  26. Yeah, it’s down for me too.

    Though it may be too much web traffic, or it may be the server went down after it was crushed by a pile of cease & desist letters.

  27. I’m up again, but I’m about to get kicked off my server from all these hits. Anyone have any idea where to put a dinky wordpress site that won’t cost me an arm and a leg?

  28. Currently sporting a 404. :(

    Wanted to request Epyx (please!!! Jumpman??), very doubtful but an old school Electronic Arts logo (EOA square/circle/triangle) would be pretty awesome, as would an Artworx one but it’s a little more obscure. I may have to spring for a C64 one once the site returns.

  29. Please post a link to get to the shirts- through redbubble or what ever- all I can get is 404’s and we want more!!! I went to the redbubblestore and the search there is useless. :(

  30. Noooo! I was too late. And now there is no website. Come back, AbandonWear, I want my Commodore 64 babydoll T-shirt! (;_;)

  31. Aaargh. I cannot live without an Infocom hood. I mean, I could but who cares now. Mr AbandonWear please resuscitate, I’ll give you a kidney or other useful body portion?

  32. Abandonwear,

    I think that wordpress.com has free hosting. Good luck I’ll get one when I see you’re back up.

  33. I just had my money refunded for the Infocom hoodie I ordered so they seem to be really, really gone. Hope they come back some how, I really wanted the hoodie.

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