7.4 quake hits Japan, tsunami warnings issued, nuclear plants lose power (updated)


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  1. taj says:

    Thanks, Hedgy. My mom just joined FB, so I’m not going to “like” that map. She’s freaked out enough as it is.

    Am I so very sick? I want to have sound effects on that map. Sound effects and a good night’s sleep. And not one other thing.

  2. urpBurp says:

    Those poor people. Just one thing after another. They certainly need our aid and support right now.

    • noen says:

      “Those poor people. Just one thing after another.” — Don’t worry, nature really is not a vengeful god. It’s just random. Which means sooner or later we’ll all experience some natural disaster or other. The difference is that we won’t be prepared. So I’m not really sure just who is “lucky” here.

  3. RebNachum says:

    May the One who created plate tectonics smarten us enough to deal with the consequences and comfort the survivors.

    • David A says:

      If a god existed, he’d be a cruel narcissistic a**hole.

      • JohnnyOC says:

        Sounds like Zeus!

        seriously though..

        My sympathies go out to the people in that area. Their aftershocks are more massive as most of the world’s once-in-a-lifetime earthquakes.

  4. Smart E Pantz says:

    Ummmm….are you going to post anything about Mexico?

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      Thankfully, that 6.5 quake caused no reported injuries or deaths, and was orders of magnitude smaller.

      We do not post items about every seismic event everywhere, but we have been covering the Japan news closely, given the massive human toll (nearly 28K dead or missing as of today), and the still-unresolved nuclear crisis.

  5. Coal says:

    They’re estimating the tsunami will be about 1 meter by the time it hits the coast of the worst hit areas.

  6. rebdav says:

    Considering the robust building codes, areas already washed out, and Tsunami warning systems any estimates how bad this actually is for Japan and surrounding areas.

  7. Chang says:

    Oh, man. Horrible. So glad we’re doing a benefit next week at my yoga studio. Need all the help they can get.

  8. benher says:

    We felt a few wobbles again last night… but in western Japan we have all been spared the destruction of these recent disasters. It just hurts to watch family and friends in the east struggling to get by – and now this.

    Fortunately many have been bracing for aftershocks and there were very few fatalities or injuries last night.

  9. Oknotok says:

    I’m up in Hokkaido, in the far north of Japan, and I definitely felt that, lots of shaking in the apartment, very nerve-wracking. The tsunami sirens up here haven’t come on, thank god, I’ve never heard anything scarier or eerier, I just hope everything’s alright further south. Earth, I’ve told you before – that’s enough fidgeting.

  10. Will/Nobilis says:

    For everyone that have been tracking this, here are two web sites for real world tracking of these and other disasters (manmade or natural):

    U.S. Geological Survey

    National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications
    Emergency and Disaster Information Service – EDIS
    Elnok u. 1, Budapest, Hungary-1089

  11. Oknotok says:

    Oh and if anyone wants a live feed in English coming from Japan, this http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/r/movie/ is very useful – NHK World.

  12. millrick says:

    just watching BBC news
    – they showed video of an explosion in a Japanese city (toyko?) but had no information about what happened. looked to my untrained eyes like an electrical explosion though

    btw, the Onagawa power plant came through the last earthquake so well that it was used as a refugee camp for tsunami victims

  13. Anonymous says:

    Building nuclear power plants in the ring of fire is irresponsible beyond measure. Any honest evaluation of risk would necessarily conclude that this is the inevitable outcome.

    Indeed, it makes no sense to blame Nature for operating in clearly discernible patterns, that have left their marks on every landscape for millennia, instead of blaming those who choose to ignore her generous signs and portents, and grasp for power and profits by placing their fellow humans in harm’s way.

    Anyway, in any disaster, digging out your neighbors usually works better than cursing the gods.

  14. hedgy says:

    It’s worth noting that this is the 920th earthquake (including the pre-shocks) of this tectonic tragedy. For a useful visualisation of the area check out:

  15. Anonymous says:

    Japan just can’t catch a break, my heart goes out to them. <3

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