Dagthulhu Tee

DeliGrocery's Dagthulhu Tee illustrates a delightful Elder Dagwood about to devour a dagwood sandwich with relish, gusto, and tentacles.

Dagthulhu Tee (Thanks, Appliance, via Submitterator!)


  1. That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die?

    I dunno, Blondie has been around for a really long time.

    of all the recent Chu-stuff, this amuses me the most; “mmmm soulwich! With Gods Blood aioli and a side of galaxy rings, yum!’

  2. I can’t process any word with the consonant CHTH in it. Is it pronounced by cable news anchors, and if so, correctly? The guess I hazard is sort of a KS sound, but with a lisping head cold, like that snake in Allegro non Troppo. Who wrote about this character “Lovecraft”? Can’t say I’ve heard of her.

    1. It shows up in common English words like “autochthonous”, which is usually pronounced “aw-talk-thone-us”. Cthulu isn’t supposed to have the second h, and usually ends up as “kuh-thoo-loo”, although I have no idea whether that’s correct.

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