Make a short video for Curt Smith's first residency in two years, win prizes

curtsmith1.jpg Photo: Justine Ungaro. Curt Smith (of Tears for Fears) is playing is first solo residency in two years at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA, beginning next Thursday. Vocalist on the original hit single Mad World -- a song recently remixed here at BB as a backdrop to a collection of game deaths -- Curt & co. liked our video so much they want more! This is where you step in: if you create a video, animation or slideshow that would look good behind a classic Tears for Fears track on which Curt sings lead (such as Everybody Wants To Rule The World and Pale Shelter), or a favorite such as Fake Plastic Trees, Drive or Yellow, it might get featured in one of the dates (April 14, 21 and 28; May 18 and 25; and June 1), as part of a set list centered around Curt's own solo material. We'll feature anything that's selected and there will be FABULOUS PRIZES from the Boing Boing Dungeon of Stolen Review Loaners.
All that's needed are imagery (abstract is fine) with no audio; it should be appropriate for all ages; and please avoid anything using other people's IP excessively or exclusively. Post entries to YouTube or Vimeo or wherever in HD, if possible, and add the link to the comments below and I'll embed submissions in the post. Remember, the first show is only a week away. While this isn't a Tears for Fears concert (i.e. there's no Roland) Curt will be backed by Charlton Pettus, Doug Petty and Jamie Wollam, all members of the Tears For Fears touring band. Set lists may change from show to show, but will be drawn primarily from Curt's solo material, all of which can be streamed: Halfway, pleased (album), Mayfield (album), and Social Media Project (singles.) The theatre is intimate (with just 84 seats), and you can get more info/tickets here. Don't miss Curt's homepage,


  1. I’ll have to dig into my animations to see if anything would work.. hmm slideshow.. could I use to create the videos.. the only issue, is at the end of every video, it always says ANIMOTO.COM… not sure how well that would fly.

    Also how long is the set list? need to know the rough down beat – up beat time, so the video would be long enough…

  2. “please avoid anything using other people’s IP”

    but you can use my IP? sounds fair…

  3. Is “favorite[s] such as Fake Plastic Trees, Drive or Yellow” just a list of random songs by other artists? That part of the paragraph is a little unclear, to put it mildly, since none of those are Tears For Fears songs.

  4. Excuse me.
    Excuse me.
    Excuse me!
    Why is there a man who looks /exactly/ like Curt Smith from Tears for Fears on the BoingBoing blog?
    Oh dear God. It’s you. The real you. The fleshy you.

  5. “a song recently remixed here at BB as a backdrop to a collection of game deaths” read weird, since it wasn’t a remix (none of the original bytes in it), you authored and posted the video in question, and the song was derived from someone else’s MIDI transcription of a cover of the original…

    1. I’m with you, jmtd, I don’t know why that remake keeps being called a remix. It is, as you said, a new version derived from already existing MIDI programming, which uses none of the original tracks. I like the version, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just a completely wrong use of a word.

  6. I decided to stick with the video game theme. Hopefully this doesn’t violate the “other peoples’ IP” rule (the castle is SMB3 and the guy is a manipulated version of Madden ’92 for Genesis.)
    I can do a longer loop as needed.

    Might have another entry in a few days…

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