MotoArt's furniture from recycled plane parts


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice silk sheets.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I did a photoshoot with Pinguino and a few other photographers in their studio. They have some REALLY COOL STUFF.

  3. Pyrokinetic says:

    A few years ago, I was hired to do an architecture shoot for the real estate company that owned the buildings that housed Disney’s (now defunct) animation studios in Marin. The offices were built out of old military aircraft hangers and they kept the aviation theme going throughout. Their conference table was made by this company, although I didn’t realize it until just now. I’ve had the photo in my portfolio for almost a year now:

  4. Don Robinson says:

    Cool stuff. A company called Plane Pieces Inc is also in the biz, mostly propeller blades. They had their fix-pitch in the Iron Man 1 movie and have been designing since 2004.

    Don Robinson

  5. bbonyx says:

    These guys were actually part of a reality show about their business a few years ago (on The History Channel, I think) until the death of one of the team members. It was fairly interesting.
    Wing Nuts

  6. doingsitups says:

    The ones yesterday were sexy and they sort of make a statement about preservation of resources, these though are just ugly, heavy and they don’t feel natural at all, at least to me.

  7. AGC says:

    I’m paranoid so what are the odds that I’m going to get contaminated metal isn’t there is a growing industry of reusing mildly radioactive material? Or someone just melted down a bunch of cadmium batteries to put into my frying pan?

  8. synthsis says:

    They had a very short lived show on Discovery about 5 years ago. I really like what they do. I especially liked the Bar cart made from the mobile refreshment cart the stewardess’ used.

  9. David Pescovitz says:

    Interesting! Didn’t know that.

  10. Muse says:

    Nice stuff. I remember seeing some similarly cool furniture that Pixar artist Jay Shuster made a while back.

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