Tune for Two: a short film by Alfa Primo

Video Link. A short film by Alfa Primo. Mahna Mahna. (Thanks, Joe Sabia!)


  1. Something’s wrong with the guy’s gun. The hammer isn’t cocked, though it was racked and later fired. Better take it to a gun smith. And buy a holster.

  2. I would have gone with the Hamster Dance song.
    It would have been quicker.

    Fashion OT: Anyone know where to get a jacket/hoodie like the shooter is wearing. Love that look.

    1. The design is, I think, an old Swedish Army motorcycle courier jacket. I have a green one with a 1961 datestamp.

      Coincidentally, I went looking for a newer one last week, and found a modern copy:


      It’s a very sturdy and very warm jacket, and pretty close in construction to the old one I have, but beware – the Large is really quite large, but also (like the old one) a bit on the short side for modern tastes. I think waists were higher then.

      1. Thank you for using “Coincidentally”, instead of the often misused “Ironically”.

        And that is a neat jacket. I need to be rougher on my clothes, I have too many that just don’t wear to warrant a new one.

        1. Guy – thanks – I’ve never seen the matching trousers before. If they were closer I’d get a pair just to look at them.

  3. You know what’s wrong with this film? It’s that I knew from almost the beginning that someone was going to get killed. Throw in a little bit of black humor and the guy gets snuffed. What makes a good piece of film is UNpredictability. It became unpredictable when the killer started singing. Stop the film before where it ends now and you may have something good. Right now it’s just taking up more space on the internet. Oh, and my 2 minutes of time which I’ll never get back.

    1. I feel I need to disagree.. to me (and maybe it’s just me) the point of this film is that even though the two men know why they are here and what is going to happen, they can still share an unexpected moment together that springs from the shared experience of the song. It has to end the way it ends to make that point…

    2. I agree Snorph. When they complete the sequence, and the guy looks back pleadingly to the Assasin, I wish the Assasin would have said “It’s a shame you don’t know the bridge to this.” Then the guy could have tried to sing “Yakkity Sax” and then the killer could have killed him with clear conscience.

  4. Fantastic!!

    My only complaint is the Mahna Mahna link, the title of which gives away the short film’s hilarious ending. As soon as I read it I was waiting for that song. If I hadn’t read it the song would’ve been a wonderful surprise. Alas.

  5. I think there’s something wrong with me because unlike most other people I know, I rarely find murder (even mock murder) to be entertaining. And my friends wonder why I never seem to have seen any of their favorite movies.

    1. How could anyone be bothered by a scene that appears in dozens of movies? By now the only reaction that’s reasonable is indifference.

      1. I avoid movies with violence porn in them. As I get older the less patience I have for it. I really don’t feel like I’ve missed much. And yes, I have seen movies like The Godfather that have violence in them but it isn’t gratuitous or fetishized.

  6. OK, the comments alone have saved me from whatever murder is about to occur or worse, whatever song was going to be stuck in my head for 7 hours

  7. Too many people in this thread are too sensitive. If art of any kind didn’t explore the dark and horrible aspects of humanity, there’d be no point in it. You take the good, you take the bad, you take the rest and then you have…

  8. Excellent!1 More involving than most of the drivel thast comes out of Hollywood studios and the desperate derivations of America’s “Indie Auteurs”.

  9. “Meh-na Meh-na” is more appropriate. The expected outcome was delayed by a non-sequitur, cultural callback. The film needed to be longer or shorter.

    Just my well-informed opinion.

  10. I really love you Xeni. Not in a creepy way. Even though it’s pretty creepy that I’m claiming to love someone I’ve never met. But I’m not in love with you. I just love you. In the way that I try to love the world. But it’s easier to love a person, rather than a planet. Planets can be hard and sharp. And wet. And not in a good way.

    But I love you. Or your posts. Which is really “you” as far as I can ever know. So I do love you, in that sense. Digital, sexy you. *rubs gently, yet rhythmically against your posts.

    I don’t know how someone ever wrote a script to hide your posts. I’m contemplating writing one that hides everything BUT your posts.

    …it will make the rhythmical rubbing much easier…

    So, “HURRAH!” for your postings! Here’s to their continued seduction of my mind-innards.

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