Xeni on Chris "@Nerdist" Hardwick's NERDIST podcast


Comedy genius and true-born nerd Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) invited me to join him as a guest on his very popular and very funny podcast. Here it is! Chris and his friendly LOL-sidekicks and I talked about what would happen if NPR and E! Television got married; the origin of Boing Boing; and the mainstreaming of geek culture.

And here's his touring schedule. His live shows are incredible.

Download MP3, or listen in a flash player here.


  1. I keep thinking that’s a stereograph and I’ll see a secret message if I cross my eyes.

    1. Dude calm down. Notice that all of Xeni’s pictures taken ABOVE THE WAIST. Take it as a warning. Its obvious that she’s a Centaur.

  2. As a recent fan of the Nerdist and a bit longer term fan of Xeni, I find this to be ENORMOUSLY EXCITING. Xeni, you’re the perfect guest. I’m going to listen now.


  3. The above looks like some form of Chris’s before/after shot. A shave, a wig, foundation, make-up…

  4. Hardwick and I were in the same frat back in the day at UCAL. It’s been interesting watching his career.

  5. I was considering checking out this Nerdist podcast but then somebody on here mentioned that he was in a frat — pass.

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