Medicine for the Outdoors


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  1. ahmacrom says:

    I specifically got this book to hike the West Coast Trail. Learned a lot with it in the wilderness.

  2. rsk says:

    I’ve used “Medicine for Mountaineering” as my field reference for years. It’ll be interesting to compare that volume to this one.

    However: no book can replace a first aid course. It’s one thing to read about ABCDE assessments, it’s another thing to perform them under duress. So my recommendation is to take (at least) a WFA (wilderness first aid) course, and if possible, a WFR (wilderness first responder) course, and to practice those skills.

    Then practice them some more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have the “Medicine for Mountaineering” book also. The most useful part for me was on altitude sickness so I could tell the difference between it and just plain old exhaustion and dehydration.

    Things are a little difference in the outdoors due to the much longer time between sickness or injury and hospitalization. You get told to just keep an eye on a person in an urban area if they, say, break a bone because an ambulance is only a few minutes away. Outdoors a few days hike in it could be a day or more before you get to a hospital so you need to do some treament.

    If you live in the NE I recommend the SOLO school for wilderness first aid.

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