Magic goop scoop

[Video Link] The age old problem of picking up a blob of liquid without altering its shape has been solved!

Details about the technology are not available on Furukawa Kikou's website (perhaps because the patent is pending), but the tool appears to incorporate a conveyor belt design. According to the company, the magic goop scoop was originally developed for use in bakery production lines, but its unique ability to cleanly handle semi-liquids makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Magic goop scoop


  1. Reminds me of sitting in a movie theater and having to yell back at the projectionist focus, FOCUS.

  2. Could someone here point me towards information on how to nominate someone for a Nobel prize?

  3. @GIFtheory & @General Specific

    How about a new Arthur C. Clarke award in honor of his third law?
    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

    the Magic goop scoop would certainly seem to worthy of the nice big shiny trophy…

  4. I cant even picture how this is real. How it grabs the leading edge of the blob without leaving any kind of smear on the original substrate.

  5. Incredible if real. Maybe this is what you get when a country doesn’t give all of its money to its military. HEYO

  6. Hey, I Submitterated this!

    Their website includes movies of a food factory actually making use of (a small part of) this technology, to move dumplingesque objects from one assembly line to another.

    1. I submitted this, too.

      I’m guessing a lot of people did. It is really nifty and is very much up BoingBoing’s alley.

  7. The device deploys a sheet of material wrapped around a flat plane. The upper surface of the sheet is held stationary with respect to the fluid blob, and thus it replaces the surface that the blobs lies on (“on which the blob lies”!). The extra material necessary to do this is unfurled from a spool under the the moving plane.

    This can be most clearly seen in the last scene.

    1. In addition, I think the ‘mess’ surface and the device’s ‘belt’ surface are complementary and designed to work together as a system.

    1. Yes the superpeel has been around for a while. Simpler too. The videos on the site are similar to this one.

  8. Yeah, but the sheet material that picks up and re-deposits the goop seems pretty amazing, even with the regular sliding bit.

  9. Awesome. Ingenious. I love it. I don’t care if it’s not really magic. This is the kind of thing the future was supposed to have.

  10. good for moving incriminating DNA evidence to less incriminating areas. Or the pizza thing, whatever floats your boat.

  11. Something funny is going on here. I can buy the picking up portion but the way it drops it back down seems to defy conservation of momentum…

  12. What happens when you try to scoop goop off another goop scoop?

    (That’s why they’ll only sell you one.)

  13. Recipe for Magic Goop Scoop:
    – Fix foil at machine, above the scoop.
    – Rest of foil is on a drum with a torsion spring, below the scoop.
    – When you extend the scoop, it will unroll foil from the drum below.
    – When you retract the scoop, the spring at the drum will bring in the surplus foil.
    Happy scooping! =)

  14. This would be awesome for bakeries, janitors, hospitals, and I totally want one of these things on a plain old dustpan for cleaning.

  15. Gee, no one’s stated the obvious:

    If you spill something on the floor and it happens to take the shape of the face of Jesus when it lands, this device can be used to preserve it!

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