Make 26: the Karts and Wheels issue

make26.jpg Gareth says: "As you read this, mail carriers on scooters, skateboards, recumbents, and go-karts are rushing MAKE Volume 26 to subscribers. OK, they're in trucks and on foot - we have vivid imaginations. But you'll be climbing onto such conveyances after reading "Karts and Wheels." We have 19 projects, including building a drill-powered kart, a simple longboard, a motorized bike, and a little wind vehicle that defies logic. And there are oodles of other non-kart projects, too! Subscribe here. On newsstands April 26."


Here is a photo of the skateboard I made and painted (being held by my 13-year-old, who rides it). The instructions for making it are on page 46. The photo was taken by Linda Nguyen.


  1. I really love that art style. What would you call that sort of style, with primary colors and boxy figures etc? Very nice job, Mark.

    My complements to the photographer, too! That’s a very well composed shot.

    Reminds me I should really subscribe to Make. I don’t build nearly enough things these days.

  2. Mark, do your kids wake up every morning and say, “you are the coolest dad EVAR”?

    Because if not, they should.

  3. I don’t want to sound sycophantic Mark, but I love reading your submissions. You’re an inspiration as a father, a maker, and an explorer of life.

    I guess that does sound a little sycophantic…

  4. Also chiming in to say the board art is very cool. Nicely done.

    The drill cart on the cover of Make looks strangely interesting, but I dunno. The more I look at it, the more my inner Rat Fink wants to strap a Hayabusa engine to it. I bet you could putt down to the grocery store pretty quickly with one of those, especially if you play it safe and stay on the sidewalk. Might need a cow catcher.

  5. I am reminded of your appearance on The Colbert Report, where upon hearing your story regarding whittling utensils from a fallen branch and giving them as gifts, Colbert remarked, “Are you an elf?” It seems your whittling ability has greatly advanced since then!

  6. Hey Mark, the art on that deck reminds me of one I had back in the late 80’s but I can’t place it… was this by any chance inspired by an old skateboard? Whatever it is, it’s really awesome!

  7. Very cool board. I like the little dents above the wheels to allow hard turns. Is there a particular reason why it’s so long ? My own longboard is about 80% that size.

    1. Clearly Mark’s put together a sweet dancing board. You’re gonna see him walking the plank all over LA.

  8. Hey Mark, this is fantastic! I am definitely going to try this. As for cleaning your clear grip tape, spray some Windex on the dirty areas and scrub with an old toothbrush or any small brush. Then just dab an old cloth on the treated area to lift the dirt. The dirt comes right off. Works like a charm! Whatever you do, don’t use water, it will ruin your board.

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