Toddler served booze at Applebee's


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  1. Baldhead says:

    You can tell the difference between a MArgarita and an apple juice by sight alone. Aplle Juice= clear amber liquid. Margarita= yellow liquid with crushed ice, salted rim and annoyingly often a little umbrella.

  2. IronEdithKidd says:

    My grandma used to put creme de menthe on our ice cream. She was oblivious to the fact that it contained alcohol. In the summer she would make something called brandy slush that I was served for the first time when I was no more than 4 or 5. Delicious. Growing up, it was pretty normal to get served an aperitif sized glass of red wine at big holidays. That was in the 70′s and 80′s. Times certainly have changed.

  3. pupdog says:

    This happened to me when I was about 12, but it was a little easier to see how the mixup occurred – Local dinner theater was putting on Annie, had the ‘Leapin’ Lizard’ as a signature drink, in regular and unleaded for the little ones. I ordered a second, and got the adult version. About halfway through I finally said something about it tasting funny.

    Apparently I got sleepy too, but I waited til the ride home to pass out. From what I’m told…

  4. pjcamp says:

    Mommy didn’t notice the juice was green with a salty rim?

  5. Anonymous says:

    This happened to me, too, when I was maybe five. We were in a steakhouse in a tiny town in Iowa and I ordered a Coke, which tasted sour, gross, and which my ex-drunk father immediately identified as rum-tinged. I’ve always assumed the bartender just got cups mixed up. Maybe different-colored cups for boozy drinks is the solution?

  6. Shart Tsung says:

    Anyone that goes to eat at Applebees deserves this outcome. Going there is the equivalent of offering to pay double for fast food, I think this kid was just trying to make his horrible meal taste better. Not news.

  7. pjcamp says:

    At least they didn’t let him drive.

    • bruckelsprout says:

      That’s exactly what my first thought was. “At least they took away his keys.”

      Y’know, there’s nothing wrong here that couldn’t be solved with a complimentary appetizer plate.

  8. Modusoperandi says:

    To be fair, he did have quite a good fake ID.

  9. Jenn E says:

    I just wanted to jump in here as I’m working with Applebee’s corporate. We’re truly sorry for the concern this incident has caused the child’s parents, and all of our Applebee’s guests. We’re extremely thankful that the child involved was not seriously injured. We’re reading all of your comments and have updated our beverage policy nationwide to ensure a safer, more enjoyable dining experience. For more details, please read here:

    • SeamusAndrewMurphy says:

      I can’t imagine a life much more pathetic than being the issuer of corporate apologetic boilerplate.

      Really, that isn’t snark. What an empty existence that must be. I hope it’s because of a need to pay off school loans and not because you are just that soulless.

  10. trieste says:

    I object to the fact the kids never buy a round. It’s always take, take, take with them. The drunken leeches.

  11. lknope says:

    “Going there is the equivalent of offering to pay double for fast food”

    And you have to wait about 6 times as long for it to get to you!

  12. knoxblox says:

    Apparently, my first drunk was when I was 2 years of age (1969), and my brother plied me with champagne at my parents’ wedding. I don’t remember, so I can’t be sure.

    When I was 8, he tried again with beer, which I hated, so no go.

    Given my affinity for sweet and/or salty but hard liquor, he probably would have had a better chance of getting me to follow him down the road of alcoholism if he’d given me a margarita.

  13. Cassandra says:

    The little boy reportedly began hailing strangers, too.

    It’s nice the kid’s not a mean drunk.

    • Pantograph says:

      Most toddlers do this while sober, at least I think that they’re sober. Add me to the chorus of toddlers who tasted alcohol. A full shotglass of vodka when I was two years old. Snatched it from a coffee table and gulped it down before anyone had time to react. Now I hang out with Happy Mutants. I suspect a causal link.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Meh.. the occasional accidental drunk child isn’t really newsworthy. People should be so glad that their lives are so boring that this seems like a terrible thing.

  15. rebdav says:

    By a fluke a friend in med school got us in with someone we later found out to be a well published very influential MD/professor as our OB/Gyn, she still takes a few patients because that is the best part of the job.
    I asked her if alcohol, red wine to be exact, is OK to knock our son out during teething pain.
    She said that there is no reason not to give a few ounces of sweet wine, which I would think is in the same class as margarita mix for ethanol content, would be a problem and would help him get some sleep.
    She also said that due to puritanical attitudes about alcohol even in the Pacific Northwestern US I was absolutely forbidden to ever use her name when talking about the issue.
    MADD and similar fear extortion groups like them want you to believe .08 or .10 blood ethanol is one step from cyanide poisoning, it isn’t.

    David, mazel tov!

  16. igpajo says:

    I think the real headline here is “Toddler served booze at Applebees. Parents don’t sue!”

    I’ve been hearing and reading about this for a couple days now and I’ve yet to see any mention of a lawsuit being brought by the parents. I find that refreshing.

    My wife’s grandmother once confessed her secret to getting all the babies to stop crying and go to sleep when they were teething. She’d take a sugar cube, wrap it in a cloth napkin, dip it in rum and let the baby teeth on it. Worked like a charm and no harm ever came to the babies.

  17. firefiber says:

    Man. I read the title and I though, “holy shit, 2 year old bartender? wicked cool!”

    I was disappointed.

  18. daen says:

    How come I never get an accidental cocktail when order apple or orange juice? Hmmph.

    Oh wait, it’s because I only ever order booze.

  19. wigg1es says:

    That must of been one shitty margarita.

  20. Jake Bullet says:

    Yay for the restaurant admitting a mistake was made and taking steps to prevent it from happening again in the future – but where were the parents in this?

    I have a 2-year-old and I fail to see how this slipped past mom and dad at the table.

    Whenever we’re out, the staff always brings the juice in a standard glass that we then have to pour into the sippy cup.

    • Anonymous says:

      Booze doesn’t work instantly and kids can act goofy naturally. They probably thought he was just being extra goofy then maybe they caught a whiff of his breath.

      I think the amazing thing about this is that the restaurant immediately fessed up to it (and took action) and the parents didn’t immediately run to a lawyer hoping to win the courthouse lottery.

    • grimc says:

      Unless you taste it, how would you know? A watered-down margarita wouldn’t have much of smell, and we’re talking Applebee’s here.

    • travtastic says:

      I’m fairly certain they were sitting at the table eating dinner.

  21. xian says:

    Well I certainly hope he didn’t have to pay for it.

  22. David Delony says:

    So pretty much acting like a non-intoxicated toddler, then?

  23. Nword says:

    I finished a can of beer when I was 1, or thereabouts, long day at the beach, kids drinks done for, my parents said what the heck, gave me a can, were surprised that it was empty a minute later.

    Quietest train ride home they can remember though.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m pretty sure a full can of beer would kill a 1 year old (or at least make them extremely ill).

      It’s worth keeping in mind when you make up stories that alcohol is a poison.

  24. David Pescovitz says:

    I was at my niece’s Bat Mitzvah party last year and ordered an orange juice at the bar for my 4-year-old. He took a sip and gagged. Turned out to be a screwdriver. Ooops.

  25. eviladrian says:

    Damn drunk babies always trying to start something!

  26. Anonymous says:

    This happened before at a restaurant I worked at…people would drink margaritas out of kids cups and one got sent to a table…

  27. RedShirt77 says:

    One day in America one kid experienced what millions of kids experience around the world and yet the world didn’t end.

    Its News!

    • Anonymous says:

      One day in America one kid experienced what millions of kids experience around the world and yet the world didn’t end.

      Another article reports that his blood alcohol level was measured at 0.10. I would hope that this doesn’t happen with millions of 15 month olds around the world.

  28. The Life Of Bryan says:

    I’m just glad to hear Applebee’s finally served a drink with a detectable amount of booze in it.

  29. Joe says:

    It’s a good thing that the little guy wasn’t poisoned; a couple of sips would suffice to get him roaring drunk. Jake, I’m glad that you’ve prevented any harm from coming to your 2-year-old so far, but you’re not going to be perfect, and if you had two other small children running in opposite directions you might not always manage to pre-test everything that comes to the table.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ambiguous headline; I was looking forward to a feel-good story about a 2-year-old bartender with a can-do attitude.

  31. jjsaul says:

    That’ll put a stop to the “$1 Margarita Refill” sippy cup promotion.

    Growing up irish catholic in America, some stereotypical home remedies would horrify some posters… like the hot toddy: tea, lemon, and whiskey.

    Best cough remedy ever. And at least once as a child in a fever dream I thought Thorin and the other dwarves were going to throw me off the wall if I couldn’t remember where I’d hidden the Arkenstone.

    • Snig says:

      Wonder if that’s the origin of nyquil.

    • Stefan Jones says:

      Don’t be blaming the liquor your parents so thoughtfully provided for you. It was that satinism-influenced fantasy literature that gave you those horrible dreams. Stick with the lives of the saints!

      • jjsaul says:

        The lives of the saints put horror movies to shame. That Boromir death pincushioned with all the arrows? St. Sebastian all the way.

  32. citrusboy says:

    I’m almost positive I read about this same thing happening a year or two ago, and again they said at the time that steps would be taken to make sure it did not happen again. At the time the explanation was that the apple juice and margaritas were kept in similar pitchers in a cooler behind the bar.

  33. Gilbert Wham says:

    My 2 year old nephew absconded with a glass of ginger wine and managed to neck quite a lot of it before he was apprehended a couple of weeks back. Interesting insight into what kind of drunk he’ll get when he’s old enough to drink, the little bugger. For that matter, I used to have my daughter on my shoulders at parties, etc, when she became too much of a handful, and she had a habit of leaning town and grabbing people’s glasses, or trying to dip her dummy in them. Must be a family thing.

  34. OldBrownSquirrel says:

    If you forget to hide the keys,
    I’ll take a drive to Applebee’s,
    Come home drunk on daiquiris,
    And throw up on the neighbor’s lawn.

    -Jonathan Coulton, “Shop Vac”

  35. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Apple juice at Applebee’s is most likely water, flavoring and coloring. A Margarita at Applebee’s is most likely water, ethanol, flavoring and coloring. Which might look very similar. I don’t much imagine that they’re making their margaritas with Patron, Cointreau and fresh squeezed lime juice. I don’t think that their salads even have any actual vegetable matter in them.

    • JonStewartMill says:

      They apparently look enough alike that Applebee’s has taken apple juice off the menu to prevent a recurrence. This is from my daughter who works at one.

  36. Grumblefish says:

    Did they have Gripe Water in the US? I remember it from when I was a child in the UK, used for little kids with stomach ache. I was convinced it contained alcohol – according to Wikipedia, the original Woodward’s Gripe Water contained 3.6% alcohol

  37. snakedart says:

    Doctors used to prescribe worse things than alcohol for children, and yet, somehow, the human race has survived.

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Atlacatl says:

    My grandma had brought over some cheap Frazia boxed wine when I was 8 and my sister was 5. There was a box of white and a box of red, and they were perched on the counter.

    My mom caught us suckling off of them (me on the red, my sister on the white) like an alcoholic version of Romulus and Remus.

    To this day, I still prefer red :)

  40. holtt says:

    Tipsy toddler takes tentative taste, teetotaler tendencies terminated.

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