Limerick of Death competition winner


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  1. jpeavy1 says:

    Come on, #123 was the obviously best.

    Team Coco

  2. petertrepan says:

    Hooray! Well, I’m just tickled to death..

  3. Prufrock451 says:


  4. Boba Fett Diop says:

    Congrats to the winner.

    I wanted to post mine, but the NSA got a hold of it:

    There once was a girl from [REDACTED]
    Whose body was was very [REDACTED]
    She said, “I’d [REDACTED]
    But would never [REDACTED]

  5. loz says:

    Too late, I hear of this contest!
    I wish I had joined in this quest.
    Well done to the winner,
    He ain’t no beginner…
    I still think that mine are the best ;)

    He ended up buzzing with flies,
    Unable to avert his demise.
    Your ultimate fate,
    there is no escape,
    The Death Machine, it never lies.


    “Living, it really is grim,
    Like sinking, unable to swim.
    I know how I’ll die,
    I just want to cry…”
    He thought as the train hit him.

  6. Crispinus211 says:

    Rats! When did the contest get announced? Well, this would have been my entry:

    A crusty old salt named VanBuren
    Got drunk by fermenting his urine.
    He was lynched by the crew
    For this odious brew,
    Whose bouquet was past all endurin’.

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