"Collection" t-shirt of space missions

Aboveearth V1 Hires
The good people at Chop Shop created this excellent t-shirt graphic "Above Earth," showcasing 23 historic space exploration missions. Yes, Yuri Gagarin is up there, on the inner ring at about 10 o'clock. "Above Earth" t-shirt


  1. While artistically, the shirt may look better this way, I would prefer to see the craft drawn to scale. That would really be interesting.

    1. It would be nice, but the scale difference between, Sputnik (the size of a yoga ball), Hubble (the size of a city bus) and the mated Mir/Shuttle (3-4 times the size of Hubble) makes it impossible on a T-shirt.

  2. I am pleased with how many of those I could name off the top of my head, but I will admit, that only applies to the US vehicles. Besides Yuri Gagarin, most people in the US (myself included) don’t know enough about the Soviet’s space program. They did some truly impressive feats!

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