Gallery of vintage NASA images


On the Submitterator, reader Parker offers up a Flickr gallery full of great old NASA images for our viewing enjoyment.

Hey BoingBoing - I saw that you recently published some vintage Soviet space images. I thought you guys might also be interested in this huge gallery of vintage NASA pictures I uploaded from an old burned CD I had kicking around. Flickr users have been going through and adding descriptions of the people, vehicles, and more in the images. .....

I'm amused by the Cold War implications of Parker's pitch—never let it be said that BoingBoing is biased in favor of cosmonauts—and doubly amused by the first photo I clicked on, which shows what I believe to be the crew of Apollo 11 enjoying a hearty guffaw with Richard Nixon. This shot just screams, "Caption me!" doesn't it?


  1. “Something smells fishy in here”
    “That’s why we locked ourselves away from you in this airtight room Mr. President!”

  2. Yep, its the Apollo 11 crew. In the middle is Mike Collins still wearing his “moon mustache”, which he grew during the mission. Rumor is, his wife made him shave it off. :)

    1. The moustache threw me off at first. I was like, “Who’s the hippie next to Armstrong?”

  3. “When the President does it, that means that it’s not illegal… Now, release the hornets! Muwahahahahaha!”

  4. “That’s right, folks, only these three lucky astronauts hermetically sealed within this soundproof box will hear the missing eighteen minutes of audio that I’ve expurgated like an expletive deleted from those charming home tapes I made of myself chatting in the Oval Office. Go fuck yourselves, America and history! Ha ha ha!”

  5. That’s pretty much the best photoshop source image ever because you can practically stick anything in the window and it would be funny.

  6. One of the cool gadgets Nasa had at the time was a device that would prevent your penis from being captured on photographic film. Nixon was proving in this pic that it really worked.

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